For every storm there is a silver lining. The same is true of hurricanes.

While watching the horrific details of the storm that hit our beloved city, wondering if we had anything to go back to -- who didn’t make it out -- and whether things would ever be the same, the phone of one GCDR Board member rang in North Louisiana. On the other end was a man offering help. We can’t imagine how he found her in North Louisiana -- but he did.

And he wanted to know one thing: What does Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue need? In such a time of crisis, it was difficult for this Board member to ask for anything – so many had lost so much – where to begin? For the sake of our dogs, she told him simply, that we probably needed money. He said he was putting a check in the mail.

That man turned out to be Gary Borland who lives in Clearwater, Florida. He was the first in a long line of people from all over the country that called, checking on us and offering their assistance. We have received many gifts – each one accepted on behalf of our dogs, with our most heart-felt thanks.

But the simple gift of a check in the mail did not satisfy Gary’s need to help. In the following days he began collecting items and donations, for us and for our local shelter, which had been completely lost during the flooding of Katrina. A few weeks after the storm, Gary and his lovely wife Kathy arrived on our doorstep in New Orleans with U-haul in tow, filled with the items they had put together. They brought computers for our volunteers who had lost their homes, and computers for the LA-SPCA’s new temporary shelter, dog food, treats, medicines and many other essential items needed by a rescue organization.

10 new computer systems for the LA-SPCA to replace the ones
destroyed by flood waters

Some of the many donations collected for GCDR & the LA-SPCA


A trailer full of goodies

Gary and Kathy stayed on with us for a few days. They even accompanied one of our volunteers into the city to feed and water the animals that were left behind.

Paying a little attention to a 4 legged storm victim


Feeding a deserted cat

Tookie, Kathy, Gary & foster mom, Nicky

Tookie in her favorite spot to travel
Then -- as if we had not been blessed enough -- when they left, they took a piece of us with them; our ten-year-old senior dobe, Tookie. We all knew that Tookie deserved a wonderful home but truthfully, when a dog enters rescue at an advanced age, you have to wonder if that home will come in time. But Tookie’s did! Of all the dogs in our rescue, Gary and Kathy never had any doubt – Tookie was their girl. She now smiles back at us in the photo updates that Gary shares with us on a regular basis.

Tookie & new friend Ralph.
Cats just aren't that interesting anymore.
Cat, what cat?

The ever present Tookie
You might think Tookie’s adoption is a good place to end this story. Had it ended there you would not be viewing this website in its present state. Gary very generously offered to re-build our website and included many improvements. He worked tirelessly on this project for several months, mostly at night after working all day at his “real job.” He continues to add to the site and keep it updated for us. He also designed many promotional materials for our group, business cards and posters for our use at fundraising events. He added the touch of a true artist to our public image.

Gary's fondness for dobermans started almost 30 years ago with his beloved Leipchen. Gary & Kathy currently have 2 dobermans, a Catahoula Leopard rescued pregnant from Louisiana and a well fed Orange Tabby who showed up one day and hasn't left yet.

Gary & Rajah greeting

Gary also donates his time and creative efforts to SOS, Survival Outreach Sanctuary in Spring Hill Florida, as well as Wolf Timbers in Bolivar Ohio where he recently became a board member. SOS is a wildlife sanctuary where many unwanted and rescued exotic animals have found a permanent loving home. Wolf Timbers is an educational facility helping to educate the public about wolves and the need to protect our environment.
Gary & Ingo meeting for the first time. Gary is in the process of redesigning Wolf Timbers website at

Gary and Kathy have also instituted a link on our website for their rental cabin located in the mountains of North Carolina. For every person who books a stay at the cabin through our website, they will make a donation to GCDR.


St. Francis & wolf

Gary and Kathy have given from their pockets as well as their hearts to GCDR. We have affectionately dubbed Gary “St. F.” for his love of animals and his unbounded generosity. Though we may not know how Gary found our Board member in North Louisiana, we feel very blessed that he did and wanted to place this tribute on our website to share with everyone how very fortunate we are.



Gary & 9 week old wolf pup

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