Do you have a Doberman that you need a home for? It happens. We are here to help you in any way we can.

What to do if you can't keep your Dobe:

1. CONTACT US. You can fill out an online Owner Surrender Request

Call or e-mail our Incoming Coordinator to discuss your dog. Tell us the age, sex, color and medical history (spayed/neutered, vaccinated, up to date on Heartworm preventative, problems, etc.) of your dog. Let us know if your dog is good with other dogs, cats, small animals or children. While we give all dogs a thorough temperament evaluation, it helps to know as much as possible from the beginning.

2. BE HONEST: We will be responsible for placing your dog in a new home. We need to know WHY you cannot keep your dog. Don't worry if Fido digs-- tell us! It will not necessarily keep him from getting a home, rather it will enable us to work with him to overcome his problems or to place him with an owner who doesn't care about their yard. We need to know if your dog has ever bitten anyone! It doesn't mean that we will automatically put the dog to sleep, but it is a serious issue that needs to be discussed.

3. BRING US YOUR DOG: We drive hundreds of miles a month to pick dogs up from shelters. It is very helpful if you can drop your dog off with us. We also will not act as a referral service (sending potential owners to you). While this may seem odd, we insist on meeting and evaluating the temperament of EVERY dog we place. Yes, it does make some more work for us, but the end result is a much better placement.

4. INCLUDE YOUR DOGS RECORDS: Please have a copy of your dogs veterinary records with you. It saves us money if we do not have to re-vaccinate a dog that is already up to date or run tests on a dog that have recently been run. Bring your dogs AKC paperwork. While we NEVER EVER breed rescue dogs, we like to see where they came from. Often we have breeders whose dogs repeatedly turn up in rescue.

4. SIGN AN OWNER SURRENDER FORM: You will be required to sign an owner surrender form, giving all ownership and rights to the dog to Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue.


What not to do:

Please do NOT give your dog away in a "free to good home" newspaper ad. While the caller may seem caring and answer all the right questions, they may be a person involved with animal research or dog fighting.

Please do not SELL your dog. The same rules apply as the "free to good home" situation.

Please do not drop your dog off at the nearest shelter. Believe it or not, some shelters in the state of Louisiana do NOT place Dobermans, they euthanize them! Also, it just makes more work for us as we then have to go pick them up and we have no history on them.

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