Princess, now known as Prissy, came to live with us on good Friday of 2008. She met her big brother Jake, a 15 year old Dobie and had her first Easter Dinner with the family (among the counter surfing at midnight). She was a handful, to say the least. She was a loner and didn't like having another dog around. Lets just say she put the A in alpha! She grew quickly to love her big brother and was saddened when he went to the bridge on June 7th. After MANY months of socialization classes, she grew to love her new home life and now realizes she deserves the best things in life. She is such a Gibson and sleeps with us every night. She now has grown into her Dobie skin and truly knows how to be part of a family. Thanks GCDR for sending her to us. She has taught us true patience and unconditional love. She enjoys long walks with her mom at 5:00 am and rushes to the door with affection and kisses when we return from work. We have learned that the true beauty in life are! the imperfections in all living things that make us unique. We love our daughter dearly. She is happy, hilarious, and makes our home more special than ever. We have learned that Prissy is a unique little girl that we wouldn't change for the world. Her spirit runs rampant in our home.



"Lily " (formerly Millie)

Lily (aka Millie) continues to "bloom" (ugh!). She is a typical redhead and one of the most human 4 leggers I have ever met. If she could talk using words, I'd be dethroned as queen in my own castle. She is a trip.
















"Lila" (formerly Dajii )

Her and drake have truly become best friends. They love each other and have become great play mates which is exactly what we hoped for. Shes gained some weight and filled out some. She weighs about 65 lbs now and the vet said we need to keep her at this weight. She runs around the backyard all afternoon like a greyhound. She is SOO fast! She is doing great on obedience. She sits, sits and quietly waits on her food because otherwise she used to jump around the kitchen like a crazy person. She fetches and will not leave the gate or go outside even if the door or gate is left open. She truly has been a blessing and we love her to death. We took her out on the boat, we were skeptical of how she would react, but she LOVED it!!

Thank You

Russell and Megan










Karma is doing great in her new home and has been a great dog. She is very smart, sweet, and does the dober nudge with her head when she wants some more attention. She has picked up her obedience training very quickly. She is sometimes hesitant of new people, especially those that have nervous energy, but our dog trainer has given us some helpful techniques to use. She is a fast runner, the fastest Doberman we have owned, even with one less leg! We are most pleased with her welcoming and sweet reaction with the kids and our friends kids.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to have Karma in our family!





























Leonidas- formerly known as "Jonah"

We adopted Leo a little over a year ago, after losing our dober-boy Roman (another rescue from the shelter) at the ripe old age of 11. Leo was a about year old, underweight with a coat in poor condition. He had NO house manners but a ton of enthusiasm about being inside! A year later and he is no longer underweight and his pretty fawn coat looks fantastic! He loves belly rubs, chasing squirrels, and puppy play dates with his best friend Maui. He brings presents (shoes mostly) to politely ask if he can sit on the sofa with his people. He follows his older sister Julian around almost constantly and tries to do whatever she is doing. If shes on the floor, he's on the floor. If shes on the sofa, he's on the sofa. Every morning for breakfast and evening for dinner he is SIMPLY ASTOUNDED that he is being fed AGAIN, and eats voraciously. We never have to worry about whether or not Leo finished his dinner, and have to pick up picky eater Julie's bowl or he would surely get whatever she had left and be overweight in no time! He is a total ham and makes everyone around him laugh. I have included some photos of Leo and his sister at the beach and hanging out at home. We are just thrilled to have him! Thank you for all that you do! Megan, Monica, Julian and Leonidas




(Elci on the first night in her Forever Home)


(Elci and friends at Cabrini Park)


(Dog is Woman’s Best Friend!)


We were meant for each other. We are in love. Thankfully, GCDR brought us together in the summer of 2009. As soon as Elci came into what was to be her new home, she walked over to the dog bed beside my desk, layed down with a sigh and put her head on my knee. I admired her, stroking her silky head and talking to her softly, while we gazed deeply into each other’s eyes. Eventually, she turned and chose a toy from the box next to her bed to play with while her foster Mom and I talked. I was ecstatic when my home was approved, and I was told that Elci could stay! Elci is the only dog I’ve ever known to put her toys back into the toy box when she’s done playing with them – unless she falls asleep while playing, that is. She is a dignified lady-dog, and likes everything in its proper place. I think that she’s glad to have things of her very own to control.

When I first got Elci, she was recovering from heartworm treatment, and we had to increase her exercise level at a very gradual pace. We’d walk a block and back for a week, very gradually increasing until after about a month we were going for daily 20 minute strolls down the tree-lined neutral ground near the house. Eventually Elci was fit enough to venture to the dog park in the French Quarter. She got along well with the other dogs, and now we go there regularly, in addition our daily exercise walks. At the park, Elci likes to spend most of her time making friends rather than exercising, you see. She socializes with the other dogs for a while, and then she spends the rest of her time working the crowd for compliments and caresses!

Elci is eager to learn new things. She now knows the hand signals and words for “Down”, “Stand”, “Sit”, Heel” and “Stay”. Most of all she enjoys accompanying me on errands in the French Quarter of New Orleans, taking in the sights and scents of the city with wide eyes and perked ears. Elci is welcome in the post office, sitting quietly and proudly erect while I get my mail, like a little soldier at my side. Having proven her self-control, we made our first trip to the dog supply boutique, and it was heartwarming to see Elci sit and gaze in wonder at the colorful cornucopia of toys, treats and accessories surrounding her. The nice lady at the store gives Elci a biscuit whenever we visit. Going there is a treat that we both enjoy. Of course now whenever we’re in the vicinity, Elci tries to convince me to take a turn down the street where that shop is located. Elci is a very intelligent dog. She’s training me too! We are a team. And we love each other more every day.







September 11, 2010 we anxiously made the trip to New Orleans to bring Thor home from Foster. He'd been there since he was just a puppy, surrendered to a vet for euthanasia when just 4 months old due to health issues. He was tall and skinny, his head looked too big to fit on his body. He was gregarious and energetic. And he still had those deep, thoughtful, soulful eyes we'd fallen in love with on the website....We were ecstatic!

He's all filled in now, six short weeks later, he holds that big old head up majestically! We're all nuts about him (except one prima donna cat!), but he is Mama's Baby! When he bounces thru the tall grass at his Large Field Socialization Class in the country, he is regal. And he's my first Dobie (3 came before him) that loves splashing through mud puddles and getting dirty!

And as tho we needed more reasons to be overjoyed with him, his new vets are more than certain that he does not suffer from Wobblers as originally thought when he was a puppy and is as healthy as a horse!!! Which is what those Thunder Hooves sound like when he romps up and down the hall to get his "Ya Ya's" out. Thor has completed our home once again with joyful Dobie Energy, bringing his soulful eyes and gentle heart to snuggle in close and give as much love as he gets.

Tho still mischievous enough to steal shoes from the closet, he is learning new manners like sit and stay, that its not gentlemanly to counter surf and that Mom's big old bed sure is comfy!!!

Our heartfelt gratitude to GCDR and the warm souls who make it possible for sweethearts like Thor to find their way into open, loving arms in their Forever Homes!

Carol, Robert and Lucas
Baton Rouge














"Jada & Marilyn, a winning Team. "
This is 9 year old Jada and her owner Marilyn. Jada was adopted from GCDR in 2003 when she was about a year old. She and her mom had been training for years in search and rescue but found themselves on the wrong end of rescue when their home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. They lived together in a hotel room for seven weeks. Soon after an even bigger storm hit the household when Marilyn was diagnosed with breast cancer. Jada and Marilyn had to take a few years off of training while Marilyn underwent several surgeries and treatment for cancer - all the while with Jada by her side. Marilyn has won the cancer battle and she and Jada resumed training - this time in agility, obedience and Rally. Recently at the age of nine, Jada (once a thrown away dog) proved what Marily always knew - that she's a winner too. We'd are so proud of Jada who competed in 6 events in the Pensacola AKC dog shows. She won 2 Blue Ribbons (1st place) and 1 Second Place in Obedience Beginner's Novice A (with a high score of 197.5 points out of 200), 2 Blue Ribbons (1st place) in Rally Novice A (with a high score of 98 points out of 100), and a Second Place in Rally Advanced A. As a result of this weekend, Jada, also won two Titles: Obedience Beginner's Novice, and Rally Novice. Jada is not only a perfect example of what a rescued dog can accomplish but also an example of a companion who has stood steadfast with her owner and provided love, companionship throughout life's trials and tribulations. And Marilyn is an example of a great owner who passed thru monumental life pressures with her dog at her side and never considered giving up her wonderful companion Jada. GCDR could not be prouder of both of you!














GCDR Alumni "Splash" is awarded an "Outstanding Law Enforcement Merit Award". Click on Splash's photo to read more.

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