Beckam is one of the fortunate dobies. He came from a good home, but sadly his owner could no longer keep him because she was diagnosed with cancer and had to begin treatment in another state. Beckham will always remember and love his first mom and is very thankful that she cared enough about him to make sure he was safe and settled before she began taking care of her own medical needs. This from his new mom: Beckham entered my home on Tuesday, November 20, 2007 as a "foster" lol. Looking like a King on his first night, he made sure he was going to make a place for himself. Watching his new sister, Alexis, he quickly caught on to the routine, most importantly, where the cookies are located. It did not take long before I realized, he was going to be a permanent member so part of his Christmas present was letting him know that it was final, he is staying! This was also part of Alexis' Christmas present too because I knew she wouldn't want to loose her new buddy. He enjoys racing around the yard with Alexis, sometimes it even looks like they are dancing. Late at night, he can be found snuggled up next to me while I'm watching the evening news or sometimes he even tries to help me read e-mails. Beckam is looking forward to many canine events in his future.

Beckam and Alexis First night - Nov 20th - trying to play King of the Sofa


The Queen of the house: Since retiring from geriatric therapy duties at the Naval Home in MS, she mostly enjoys the sofa in our den, and bossing the other 3 Doberman around. She loves to go for walks around the neighborhood, if it is not too cold, and has many neighborhood friends who feed her snacks.











Such a huge Doberman in a compact body. This girl only has 2 speeds super-fast and sleep. Queen of the local dog park, she runs around and no one can catch her. Will not tolerate any nonsense from big brother, Shogun, and he goes out of his way to avoid her if she has a dog-chew. Loves to curl up on her Dad’s chest in the recliner and watch TV.











The couch potato who has finally come out of her shell. Positions herself by the front door and is the guard dog of the house. Acts like she would devour the garbage truck if she could get out. Loves the dog park, and is the best agility dog of the pack, when it comes to the park’s obstacle course.










"Shogun 3" (formerly Rusty)

Like Shogun 2, likes to surf the counters and trash can. He has become a permanent fixture in the kitchen when his Mom is preparing meals. Mouse traps on the counters don’t faze him. He and Dolly run and play continuously, and he must be on Dad’s lap when Dolly is on the chest position. He’ll follow you anywhere for a belly rub.

A complete four ring circus two days ago running and playing in the first snow they had ever seen. They went crazy in the snow. It was hilarious!











Sissy was one of the Tres Amigos. We adopted her from GCDR in January 2005. She is our third dobie.

After Katrina we moved from Picayune, Mississippi to Bowling Green, Ky. Sissy just turned four and loves our farm. We have about 2.5 acres fenced and have a total of 27 acres. She has two "sisters". Jezebel is a 15 yr. old Lab and KK is a 3 yr. old Yorkie.

Sissy is the most wonderful dog. She never licks you, is definitely a petting magnet and leaner. Everyone that meets her absolutely falls in love with her because she is so sweet. Her name fits her perfectly.

Mary Jo

























My daughter, Katie, her friend, Misty and I went to the Heaven's Pets soiree and we went to the GCDR tent where I introduced myself to Terri. I had filled out an adoption application but we did not have a fence around our yard. We had with us our Boston Terrier, Nellie Bell, who at the time was four months old and we had just put our little Yorkie down due to cancer on April 24th. Anyway, we got to meet Chloe at this affair and Nellie and Chloe just hit it off. Terri was hesitant because Chloe plays a little rough and Nellie is a very small Boston but I told her that this was meant to be. Anyway, to make a long story short, I got a call from Terri about fostering Chloe in June. I did not hesitatate and said yes. We still did not have a fence but I knew it would work and it has. Chloe has been with us since June 20th and we now have a fence around our yard and two puppies to fill that yard up.

We love our Chlo-Jo and she brightens up my life. She did not take my Max's place, our Yorkie, but she did help heal the void that I had in my heart. Thank you GCDR for our Chloe.

Everyday when I look at her I wish that we could have known her as a puppy, round and fat, but I am grateful for every day we get to spend with her. She makes us laugh. Last night she had us laughing until we cried.

Mabel, Philip, Jessica, Katie, Chloe and Nellie Bell Taylor


























"Mae Mae & Blaze "

My first dobe, Cookie Monster (gift, 1984-1993), convinced me that I should never be without one. Maxie (aristocrat, 1993-2006) only confirmed it. Looking for a successor, we found that good breeders had become very expensive, and the less expensive ones sounded like shady puppy mills.

Enter GDCR, Terri and, eventually, Mae Mae, a large doberman mix, in 2007. She proved to be such a delightful lover that we returned to GDCR, and Amy this time, for Blaze, a young red male, exactly a year later. Both dogs appeared imperfect and spent about a year in foster. The veterinary care and foster love they both received has made them the gentlest and most lovable pets anyone could imagine. They filled our family (two other dogs, a gift and a walk-on, four horses, a pony and a cat) I can’t say we would turn away another gift or walk-on, but we will never again seek out a dog from any source but GDCR.























"Chardonay "

Chardonay (we call her Sharday for short) was a terribly shy, skin-and-bones doberman when we adopted her in Oct. of 06. We had two other "senior" dobes that we raised from pups, but they were both teenagers and we lost both of them to old-age related issues during the summer of 07, they passed about 6 weeks apart. In the mean time, the older dogs taught Sharday how to play, swim, camp, and finally enjoy life with no worries. After we lost Merlot and Shiraz, I had hoped that Sharday would like being in a one-dog house. But, we could tell she was lonely and needed a playmate. Even on our morning walks, she wanted to play with every dog we passed.

In March 08, we were at a bank one day and the St. Tammany Animal Shelter had an adoption event there. We met Chablis, a female bullmastiff with a tragic past; She had been used as a 'puppy-supplier' by an unscrupulous breeder, then got heartworm, so the breeder threw her away. Literally, she was found in a dumpster! We asked the shelter volunteers to hold her for us for a couple of days until we could bring Sharday to the shelter to let them meet. It was instant friendship! They are best doggy friends. They eat, play, sleep, and do everything together (except swim; I can't seem to teach the mastiff how to swim-must be a body-mass thing).

I am sitting in my chair, with a large quilt on the floor in front of me, and the dogs are curled up together on the quilt, snoring.

I call the attached picture "things are looking up." It was taken in Atlanta last Thanksgiving, and shows Sharday's inquisitive nature (and, I think, her beautiful build now that we have gotten her weight up to where it should be!).

Anyway, I love this dog more than any dog I've ever had (and over the last 35 years I've had the pleasure of about 6 other dobermans). Thanks for the follow up!









Baxter has been an absolute joy since he was placed here in January of 2004. He has been by my side, truly a Velcro dog and allows me to live alone without fear.

Right after Katrina, with no power in the city he bravely stood guard on those dark nights and during the day he sat majestically on the front porch as if he knew he was 'on duty'. Physically, his early injuries do not allow him to do agility work, but he has successfully completed his Canine Good Citizen test. He shares his home with Geeba a golden Saluki and now with his 'little brother' Duce.











"Sinder "

The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew right from the start, That you were going to be mine, SINDER, You , put paw prints on my heart !

Sinders story is a little ironic. I would sit at night on the computer looking at Dobermans that needed homes, but really wasn't looking for another because we already had a 14 yr.old female Dobe at the time. I knew I wouldn't have Sadie too much longer and didn't want a replacement either. My brother, the mailman, who was delivering the mail this day and like me ,talks to everyone, a man on his route came to his truck with this dog whom he was babysitting" and asked if he knew anyone interested in a Doberman. My brother immediately said his sister has them and called. He said ,"Lynne you have to come see this Doberman, she is gorgeous, friendly and needs a home". Of course we went, we visited her at her foster home with Mary Beth, another GCDR Mom and the biggest surprise was SINDER was the SAME Doberman I was checking out at night while on the computer and the rest is history. Mary Beth you were so right , you knew in your heart she was for me !

Sadie, our 14 yr. old Doberman , welcomed Sinder into our home on May 29, 2005. Sinder became my 1st GCDR adoptee and my 4th Doberman to have owned. Not but 3 short months after adopting Sinder we evacuated for Hurricane Katrina. Sadie and Sinder got along like they always lived together. I think having Sinder around kept Sadie with some spunk but unfortunately I lost my Sadie the following February. My 3 yr. old grandson was now calling Sinder his. Sinder became the Queen of the house.( like all the others) She is very laid back and ever so sweet, a Do Not Disturb Sign is fitting. Two years later Splash joined our family and Sinder became a big sis. Now she has Splash to spend her days playing with. Sinder however isn't as inquisitive as Splash but never backs down from a good game of wrestling or blanket tug-of -war. Splash wins at this hands down ! These 2 are a perfect match , a perfect pair. She loves snuggling under a blanket when cold or relaxing outside in the lazy days of the sun. I love My Sinder so much that she can do no wrong .

P.S. I hope soon they make a bed bigger then king size cause with 2 Dobermans they surely do take up a lot of room, but I wouldn't want it any other way.

















"Splash "

The first time I laid eyes on you, I knew right from the start, That you were meant for me alone: You, SPLASH, You , put paw prints on my heart !

August 2007, after fostering for a month I knew I had to make her mine. She always reminds me where my last bit of sanity has gone !! lol

I adopted Allie, renamed SPLASH as her new name is so fitting & by her pictures you'll see why. Splash joined our family which already included another female Doberman named Sinder. She fit right into our family perfectly. Our 2 Dobes play like little kids . They are so attached to each other that they are like 2 peas in a pod. My 1 year old granddaughter thinks Splash is the funniest thing around and has claimed Splash as "her" dog. My 5 year old grandson calls Splash a reindeer due to her flying clear over the top of the baby gates in certain door ways.

Splash has been very entertaining since the day I brought her home. We believe she must be related to a fish or maybe a frog because Splash loves to swim laps in the pool. She'll climb out & runs around the pool to jump right back in. It doesn't matter if the kids or anyone else is in cause Splash figures she'll share -- the pool- It's big enough! Splash will always try to beat you in the water and usually does too. It is the funniest thing to see . Wherever you see water Splash is usually near,a bathtub, sprinkler, etc. or chasing light or even sitting proudly atop my sons car. We love Splash so much and she enjoys being spoiled. Splash loves attention and has given us a lots of love in return. Splash most definitely has found her "forever home".



















"Chance "

The year 2008 has been a very sad year for us at GCDR. Several of our personal dogs have passed on as well as some of our alumni and a couple of our foster dogs that never made it out of rescue. Often it's hard to pick up and move forward and I confess we do on occasion ask ourselves - why do we do this. Well it doesn't take long for a photo to hit our inbox of one of our much beloved dogs and there before our eyes, is our answer.

Many of you reading this success story will remember Chance. Chance was a already a little older when we found out about him. He had fallen into the wrong hands and had not been properly cared for. His health had declined so much that we worried if Chance would live to see a home of his own. He survived a very scary episode of bleeding out and having to have transfusions. His lungs were also badly scared from the heartworms that ravaged his body and we didn't know if killing the heartworms would also take his life. His recovery was a long and difficult one. He became as much a part of us as any of our own personal dogs.

But Chance beat the odds. He pulled thru and found a home of his own. Chance lives in Slidell, Louisiana with a wonderful family that loves him to pieces. Chance travels with his family in a motor home and I often joke that he has seen more great places than we ever hope to. So it is with great pride that we share with you photos of our Chance on some of his adventures. Chance you are a reminder to us of why we do what we do. We are so proud to see you living your life as it should be lived. We wish you many more happy years.



"Lucky & Katy "

Here is a picture for all of you to enjoy of my two wonderful babies. Katy is on the left and Lucky is on the right and although camera shy when I first got them I soon found that liverwurst can overcome any shyness, lol.

This was taken just after a play session of ball fetching, which I am informed, is my purpose on the planet. Also door opening, back scratching, dinner making, treat tossing, and cuddling on demand! Boy, I think I am getting the best part of the deal!!

They are happy, healthy well trained and make my heart skip a beat whenever I look at them, I love them both with all of my heart.... ...oooh, I just was informed by the boss of the house that her picture is to be included too..Her name is Sparkle ( but we refer to her as the Sparkalator!, lol...) and she is the first cat I ever owned and I adore her!






"Katy -Blue "

Katy-Blue (Kate) joined our family on a rainy Saturday in late September of 2008, exactly 4 years after we adopted our other dog, Atlas from the pound. We brought her home the same night we met her. She was a little shy at first and wasn’t sure exactly where her place was but easily warmed up to the idea of nonstop head rubs, treats, and bowls of food (she loves to eat)! I remember when we first met her Terri said “I don’t have anything bad to say about this girl” and neither do we. She is an absolute love! She and Atlas are inseparable; the constant companionship has been amazing for both of them. We took our first road trip over the holidays and other than not being too fond of the long car ride, Kate did wonderful. We spent a week in the mountains in North Georgia where she proved to be quite the outdoors type. The trip really seemed to seal the deal and she decided we were keepers!!! Everyday she is becoming more and more independent and conquering her fears, which makes us so proud. At the dog park her calm energy and acceptance is a wonderful representation of the Doberman breed, as everyone always seems to have lots of questions about her. She is very silly and keeps us laughing constantly. She is also very sweet and calm, but when she wants to play we call her the bulldozer, she puts her little head down and plows through Atlas in perfect little sister fashion. Our only worry is that these two together are going to be outsmarting us every chance they get! We are so happy to GCDR for taking such great care to bring this wonderful girl back to life and into our home. We feel like we found the perfect addition to our family and it was a seamless transition.


Aidan, Erin, Atlas and Kate


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