Sherlock came to our house as a foster dog. I had no intention of adopting him. He was very subdued and in dire need of affection. He fit into our family so well that friends began to advocate for him. By this time he had won us over and the thought of him not being with us was more than we could bear, we adopted him. While outdoor activities were initially foreign to him he has adapted to an active outdoor lifestyle. He has a May/December relationship with our two-year-old Dobe female who is the joy and bane of his existence. Sherlock found his home. He auditioned for the role and won it fair and square.

My Boy, Mr. Handsome.


Oliver, originally Kohl, came to live with us in Mandeville in 2004 (I think). He was pulled by GCDR from the New Orleans shelter. He is quite the "goofy guy" with a 70 pound bark in a 55 pound body. His housemate is a 12 pound Border Terrier, Zazi. In 2005, Ollie passed his CGC and his Therapy Dog International exams (only 50% pass rate). So he is "Just Oliver, CGC, TDI". As with most Dobes he takes his job of watchdog very seriously but would also like to be a lap dog. He has learned a few tricks, is an awesome catcher of tortillas, has attended my Bible Study class as a service dog in training (thank you Rev. Carol Richardson for permission), has a strange fetish for paper towels and knows that all drive throughs give dog treats.








Guinness was rescued by GCDR from an abusive home in 2005. His new Mom adopted him one week before Katrina hit. Although Guinness has made much progress he is still a bit reserved due to his previous treatment. Despite this, Guinness has now earned his Canine Good Citizenship certificate from the AKC. He is a well behaved dog who loves playing with his dober sister, Izzy. Mom and both dogs immediately bonded and mom reports her life is much richer because of Guinness and Izzy. Guinness and Izzy live in Alabama.






Izzy was a Katrina rescue dog who was adopted from GCDR by her new mom in January of 2006. Previously, she had adopted Guinness, another rescue dog. Izzy loves to nap on the bed (although it's a no no!) She has been through beginner's behavior class and learned the Intermediate level working with Mom and Guinness at Pet Smart. She's very bright. Her favorite thing to do is to run like a greyhound and has made her own personal racetrack around Mom’s deck. Although smaller than Guinness, Izzy gets the best of him all of the time but Mom thinks he allows her to win because she is the love of his life. Mom is in "Doberman Heaven” with these two dogs. They share her house with Titten, a ten year old cat, and Angel, a seventeen year old mixed breed terrier.



For many years, Tookie (B&T) lived a hard life outside. When GCDR took her in she had many medical issues to take care of. Thanks to the loving care of GCDR she overcame all her medical problems. We adopted her knowing full well she was a "Senior" at 10 years old but thought we could give her a loving caring home for her remaining years. A good diet, vitamins, and supplements for her joints have turned this "old girl" who had problems getting up and laying down, into a spring chicken! More energy than her younger step sisters. She loves to travel and always goes with us on trips to our cabin in NC. She's recently discovered "Popcorn" and will practically crawl in your lap to get some. She's a great o'l girl who gets along just fine with our other rescue girls as well as Ralph the rescue cat.

Gary & Kathy


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