was the victim of someone getting a dog without first checking with their landlord. After spending the first year of his life tied to a tree in the front yard, Shadeaux was dumped at a shelter in LaPlace. After almost a year in rescue and a heartworm treatment (far too young to have to have experienced that) a student of a GCDR key member spotted Shadeaux on the site when looking over the teacher's shoulder at her computer. The student dragged her mother in for a "conference" and got a good report AND a dog out of the deal. Shadeaux now lives in Ascension Parish with mom, dad, a 2-legged sister, two 2-legged brothers, and a cat (who still hasn't forgiven the teacher).





was found by Ascension Animal Control in the middle of a ballpark where she had apparently been "dumped" on January 10, 2005. It wasn't long before it became obvious that someone may have taken on a little more puppy than they thought they had gotten. "Hurricane Camille" introduced herself to her new foster home by immediately jumping on every piece of furniture and every animal she came in contract with. With a little time and a lot of work the category 5 storm died down to a pleasant little pup. Camille now makes her home in FL where she's much less of a treat than the real storms that roll in. .

came to GCDR from Lake Charles animal control in December, 2004 and quickly won the heart of everyone she came in contact with. She was the sweetest little thing to grace a few foster homes. Until the last one where she will never leave. Foster dad, Ralph, couldn't part with his little "pocket Doberman" and made her an official member of the household soon after taken her to foster. She now lives with TWO GCDR success stories - Apollo2 (now Shogun2) and Hope.



was one of Sarah Lee's 13 puppies. She and her littermates were born hours after mom was rescued from a shelter in LaPlace, Louisiana (where Dobermans are NOT placed). The 9 surviving puppies from the litter all found loving forever homes.


Luckily, Levi was rescued from a kill shelter only minutes before he was scheduled to be euthanized. Once placed into a loving foster home, Levi quickly bloomed into a wonderful companion. It seems that
Levi's luck just never runs out -- he was adopted by a loving couple in Leakesville, MS in May 2005.

Vanna with her new parents. Vanna is a toy fanatic and will bring you every toy
in the house in the hope you'll throw it for her.  If you have the time and patience to play with her toys and throw the ball all day, she would be in 'puppy heaven'. 



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