The reality of rescue . . .

No matter how hard we try, it is never possible to save every Doberman in need.

Time, space, funding and volunteers are always in short supply.

Unfortunately, Dobermans in need of assistance are not.


Statistics show that 20% of all Dobermans produced end up in rescue. This statistic was compiled by Doberman rescue groups and does NOT include the thousands that are euthanized or placed by Animal Control facilities across the U.S.


Here are some harsh realities of rescue. (All statistics were compiled using dogs rescued by Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue)

Of the dogs rescued;

53% are MALE

47% are FEMALE

52% are CROPPED


61% are from SHELTERS

39% are surrendered by their OWNERS

48%* are Heartworm POSITIVE

*(puppies were not included in this figure)

82% are UNALTERED (All were altered by us before placement)

51% are BLACK

28% are RED

17% are BLUE

4% are FAWN or ALBINO

The average age of a dog is: 2 years old.

The average time a dog spends in our care is: 92 days

The average cost of rehabilitating a rescued Doberman is: $438.00

The bottom line....


Please spay and neuter your pets.

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