June 6, 2004 -May 3, 2017

Today Dr Jade from Lap of Love and with loving gentleness and compassion assisted Shogun III over the Rainbow Bridge at 0925. I first met Shogun III, (his GCDR name was Rusty II), 12 years ago this month, just 2 days after Shogun II had passed, when Terri asked me to foster a big red Dobe, that was staying in a pound, over by NOLA airport. I was heart broken then but agreed to look and try a foster. Terri told me not to expect too much as he was a wild boy. When they brought him out, he slipped his lease and when I called he came over and as I bent down, he licked my face. That was it, I told Terri, “We'll take him.” (I think this is a good trick, we must teach all the dogs who are meeting new prospective owners.) Thus Shogun III started his 12 year journey with us. We moved from Gulfport MS to Atlanta GA, then to Yokosuka Japan (for 5 years) before retiring and moving here. He has been a constant joy, bringing much laughter and happiness to us. Suzuko says he was truly my dog as he followed me everywhere like my shadow. (Even this past week when he was too sick to stand, his eyes followed me where ever I went in the house.) So many happy times and funny antics, running and playing in the athletic fields in Japan, going on long walks and chasing squirrels, and racing and running on the soccer fields here in Hunters Green, Tampa. Every one he met truly liked him. He was always so gentle and always wanted to play with other dogs. So many happy and hilarious memories I have with Shogun III. I will miss him too much. My house suddenly seems so quiet and empty. My heart is breaking now, but I am 70 years old and I know I will see him and all the others in the not too distant future. Run free Shogun III. Go play with Original Shogun, Apple, Shogun II, Trixie, Hope and Dolly across the Rainbow Bridge, in the luscious fields. Wait with all of them for me, boy. We love you!






June 18, 2004 – May 3 2017

We were so lucky to get Dolly the summer before Hurricane Katrina. She had been adopted by a single guy in Gulfport, but then he canceled the adoption, which was great for us, as she then became a member of our Family. I called her my Pocket Doberman because she was petite'. But she had the guts and courage of a lion. Strong willed, Dolly never took any gruff from Hope, Apple, or the other Shoguns, and she was the fastest dog I have ever seen. Our pack of Shogun II, Hope, Trixie and Apple could not catch her. We had a storage unit area close to our house in Gulfport with a couple of acres of nice grassy fields. The pack were like Mercedes Benz, but she was like a Porsche. No one could catch her. We moved from Gulfport, after Katrina, to Atlanta, then after 3 years, to Yokosuka Japan. She never complained or whined with moving, but was always a little aloof, liking to be higher up than the other dogs; always at the top of the stairs, or up on a chair, and she ruled our house with an iron paw. She gave us joy and unconditional love, and always moved to the head of the petting line. We called her by her Japanese name, Dolly Chan (meaning Dolly Dearest). She was a beautiful girl who stole our hearts, leaving just her footprints on our souls and so many sweet memories. Run across the Bridge Dolly. Find Trixie, your forever playmate, the rest of our pack, and wait for me. We love you so very much..



In Memory of Macondo. 4-20-2011 - 5-3-2013

Mac came to us as a transport failure not long after we lost Julian to cancer. We were moving 2 adults to New Orleans to meet with Terri, and this little surprise tagged along for the ride. I think we were set up. She had been dumped in a ditch alongside a country road near Avery Island, La. She was probably the cutest puppy anyone has ever seen. She was smart, friendly, energetic and a bit of a troublemaker, earning her the nickname "IttyBittyBadAss".

She grew into a beautiful, but fragile, adult. She was plagued by orthopedic issues but took her surgery and physical therapies in stride. When she was healthy she was an athletic, compact, ball of enthusiasm. She loved running with Leo on the beach, and could catch frisbees like a pro- often times my arm would wear out before she did.

Sadly, her time here with us was far too fleeting. A few days after her 2nd birthday we let her go, after a congenital defect in her brain cut our time together painfully short.

We are all broken hearted that she is gone.

She is missed by her Moms and Leo




Thank you all for your kind words of condolences about Hope.  They were comforting. I know that rescued dogs are special, but this girl was the heart of Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue.  Hope was the living example of Animal Rescue at it's best, and because of her, I am a better person today. 
From hours away from death by starvation, to healthy, happy and giving unconditional love to the many seniors in Gulfport's Naval Home other retirement homes along the Gulf Coast, and in the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Washington DC. She loved to go in my truck and has traveled all over the states and finally here in Japan, where she was a superb ambassador for the breed.  People were simply amazed because there are not many big dogs here, mostly there are the toy breeds.  When most Japanese people first met her, they were afraid. Many times I heard the exclamation, "Oh a Doberman!  Is it safe?"  But once they saw her nubby tail wagging and felt her nose nudging their hands to be petted, they loved her and the comments changed to "Oh how wonderful!"  They called her "Hope, O ba-jung", which means Hope, Honorable Grandmother, and she was quite famous both in Gulfport and here in Yokosuka with many, many admirers and friends.  So many people have stopped me while walking Shogun3 and Dolly this week and offered condolences; even they have come by the house with flowers for her.  It is really amazing to see this.
My Deepest Sincere Appreciation to Ms Kimberly Gowand and all of the folks at GCDR for entrusting her into our family's care.  We loved Hope unconditionally and will never forget how much she impacted not only us, but so many people both stateside and here.


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