Vinnie was one of 5 Doberman littermates dumped by a backyard breeder at a local kill shelter. Vinnie was the smallest of his brothers and without protection of any vaccinations - he became very ill with the Parvo Virus only days after we pulled them from the shelter. Vinnie survived Parvo only to become ill with several other life threatening illnesses associated with the ravaging effects of the parvo virus.

Vinnie won many battles but eventually lost the war. He was less than 5 months old when he died and he had been very ill for almost half of his short life. Vinnie is the face of the tragic circumstances in our nation with regard to the over breeding of pure bred pets. It saddens us to see the daily deluge of pure bred puppies for sale in our local papers each and every day.

How can people be so unaware of the plight of innocent puppies such as Vinnie? If you breed, do you properly vaccinate your puppies? Do you do a home check and a vet check before you place them? Do you sign a contract with the new owner of your puppies to take them back if ever they are no longer wanted? You say and think you find good homes for all of your puppies - but do you really check the homes out?

If you say no to even one of these questions - how can you breed when you look into the compelling eyes of this innocent pup who suffered so much because someone didn't care.      Please care.

Spay and neuter your pets. Vinnie was loved by his foster family. He was a sweet puppy who touched our lives in an enormous way. We will never forget him. He is buried with our family pets.

Vinnie, we promise to continue to fight for puppies like you.


March 15, 1998-September 26, 2008
It's been 4 months since our babygirl Fallen left us. Fallen you came to me at a time when i needed you most. I always felt God knew i needed a friend like you and he sent you to me. We went thru so much together, learned so much from each other. We were so in tune to each other, it always amazed me. When i was sick, hurt, upset, mad you were always right beside me comforting me as only you could do.

I only had to look in your eyes to know how much you loved me. I loved you more then anyone in this world too. I remember how you used to love to annoy your sister, Nicole. How you'd steal her teddy bears off of her bed and you'd run to me trying to hide her teddy bear behind me. And how you'd block her bedroom door and tease her, not letting her go out of it. I understood you were trying to protect her by making her stay in her room. She loved you so much even when you teased her or stole her stuffed animals. I asked you to keep an eye on her, to protect her with your life while i was away at work, you went above and beyond that. Always making sure she was safe for me, even if it meant blocking the door and not letting her go out. Because of you i started working to save other dogs like you who unlike you hadn't had such a good life. I'll never forget the day i went to the animal shelter for the first time and bought home a sad, confused, unhappy little boy whose owners gave him up. After meeting him and learning how sad he was you gave him your toy to play with, you gave him your food bowl and your blankie and you tried so hard to make him happy. Understanding from the start he had not had a good life, you gave him hope and most of all you gave him your love. Because of you, Adam has a family now and like you he is loved and happy. We took in many many others like Adam from the animal shelter who without you and I, would not have ever known what it was like to be loved, happy and safe. You made all the rescues here feel loved, you tolerated those who didnt particularly like you and did what you could to make them feel as safe, loved and as happy as you yourself felt.

Our bed feels empty now, your not there trying to take up as much of it as you can to be comfortable, how i wish for those nights again, to feel you next to me. I know your here with us, we can feel your presence so stong in the house, protecting us as you always did. I know that you would want me to continue saving others, to keep helping to give them a life like you had. I will keep working hard so others can feel loved, safe, happy as you lived.

Even though you're gone from us you are and always will be in our hearts forever. There's so many stories that we could tell, so many funny stories about our last 10 1/2 years together it'd take days to tell them all. We miss you Babygirl and love you more then anything in this world. I promise you one day we will be together again, running and playing as we did all those years we were together. We know you had to go, i know it hurt you so bad to see us in pain, knowing we would loose you and we were not ready. It was so hard to let you go even though we knew you were ready. I tried to be strong as you had been for me all those years, as you would have wanted me to be. I kept thinking that sad day as we let you go, of all our years together and how much it meant to me to have had them with you and i thank you with all my heart for loving us, for being not just my pet but my soul mate, and my bestfriend. You made a hellva difference in a lot of lives while you were here Fallen, each person and dog will never forget how you touched them and made their lives happier. We'll never forget the day you came into our lives and made us happy again. We love you babygirl and we will never forget you!!!!!

To the Bridge September 26, 2008


Indigo was a very sweet girl who didn’t know the meaning of the word “stranger”. She would approach everyone with tail wagging and that look that said “please pet me”. She was a one-of-a-kind dobe that you couldn’t come up with ever in a lifetime. She will indeed be missed by myself and many others.

"Indigo" Grotton 1998-2009

We are deeply sorry to announce that our dear Esme has passed away after a brief illness. Esme suddenly began to have seizures over the course of a couple of days was put to sleep when it was determined that nothing medically could be done to help her. Esme will be missed, especially by the foster family that took care of her and loved her. We know that Esme is in a wonderful place now and watches over the foster family that she loved.

To the Bridge March 3, 2009

We lost our big boy (150 lbs. and counting) on June 7th at the ripe old age of 17. He wasn't a GCDR pup, but was a rescue in his own right. He was the product of a divorce and was left to fend for himself on the Bayou Teche of New Iberia. Had his mom known of his conditions, she would have rescued him much earlier. She rescued him and he rescued her right back. None the least, Jake was with us for 11 years. His big size didn't even compare to his big heart. We lived, breathed, and worshiped our Jake Warlock. He has gone to meet his little sis, Whitney, in heaven, and we know they are so happy to be together again. Not a day goes by that his name is not spoken in our household, and we miss him dearly. I just wish everyone could have a Jake in their lives, they would be better people for it. Jake-O will always be in our hearts (even his other little sis Alfpha Girl Prissy's). On the last day, she never left his side. She knew how special he was just like we did.

To the Bridge June 7, 2008


“Dubya never met a human who wasn't an instant friend or a lap into which he would not immediately collapse. He could turn a king size bed into a sliver on either side.”

The passing of Nike 1996-2009

Nike lost his courageous battle with cancer and crossed over the bridge on June 26th, 2009. He was my special boy; gentle, loyal and loving and I miss him so much. During Nike’s 8 month journey through lymphoma, chemo and a few nights in ICU, he taught me that every day was a blessing as long as he was here with me, pain free and happy, which he continued to be to the end. I lost Reebok in December of 2008 and three cats before her and always had a sign, be it spiritual or from the animals themselves that the end was near and that they were ready to go. But I had no such sign or signal from Nike. I truly believe that he did not want to leave me. Nike was my best friend, my constant companion and the last of the pair that everyone simply knew as “Nike and Reebok”.

“I carry your heart (I carry it in my heart)”

Victoria Greene

To the Bridge June 2009

Paxton - Sweet Boy - from the moment you came to us, you came with a magnificent and very large personality. From the black eye you gave Charles over your enthusiasm for a walk; the incident with the saltines that I was picking off the living room wall and lamp shades a month later, to your nearly flattening me in the obedience tunnel - words simply can't express your unique being, nor how very much we miss you.
Charles and Dee Dee Smith

To the Bridge March 19, 2010

I played ball with Katy for about 15 minutes and I cooled her down with some hose water on her pads and gave her a fresh drink and bit of a massage, like I always do after a play session. I left her and the new puppy (Timmy, a Chiweenie I rescued in Dec) and Lucky out there for a bit, while she cooled down and I came in to vacuum. It was beautiful out there today with a wonderful breeze blowing and I decided to take, Kongs with peanut butter, out to all the dogs and found her where I left her chewing the tennis ball, and she was gone. It seems quiet here without her constant pacing and panting and searching for just the right toy to carry around. She was a wonderful companion and will be missed by all of us.

From Katy's Mom, Susan: Forever in my Heart!

To the Bridge April 26, 2010

While you could not speak the words, I could hear the whispers of your voice. Telling me it was time to go, to celebrate your life and rejoice. You decided it was time to go and find your resting ground. You lay down your tired head And went without a sound. In my heart I know you loved me, as much as I loved you. I pray you've found the peace, that's helped to see me through. I thank you for all the joy in my life and the smiles you've brought to me. May God guide you on your journey and may your spirit always run free.

Author unknown

Merlin 7/4/1999 - 2/5/2010 "My Bubby"

Katie was a gift from heaven, pure love on paws, by way of GCDR.

She was adored by her family and friends, both human and canine. She loved walks on the bayou and in the park, camping and running on the beach. She loved to chase birds and hide in bushes, sneaking peeks to see if you saw her. She loved the coffee shop, collecting pats from as many as possible. She knew no stranger. She was an old soul, regal, patient, generous in spirit, sensitive, and a calming presence to those who were afraid of dogs. She was a gentle giant who loved to roll around on the floor with children. She fought her cancer bravely and let me know when it was time to cross. Our hearts are broken. She can never be replaced. Despite the sorrow of losing her, I feel deep gratitude for the 31/2 years spent with Katie.

Thank you GCDR for the gift of Katie.



To all at GCDR - I have only been a sporadic poster on the group site, but I have been reading the news for years through your many thoughtful and educational postings while watching from the perimeter all the funny stories as well as the good and sad news. Well, today, I must pass on some news that has been terribly upsetting to our family. Moose, whom we adopted in November, 2001 from GCDR when it was BRDR, crossed over the rainbow bridge last night as we had to put him down due to his inability to use his rear legs any longer and related severe pain caused by spinal conditions which could not be overcom with surgery, but were being treated medically for as long as he could maintain a quality life. These problems manifested themselves early this summer one Sunday when he abruptly showed signs of distress and we rushed him to Metairie Small Animal Hospital on Metairie Road in metro New Orleans. In the next several days, he was xrayed and a radiologist noted possible spinal herniations in his nect, back and near his hips where the spine met his pelvis. We had an MRI done in anticipation of surgery, but after Dr. Hancock of Southpaws in Mandeville reviewed the MRI, he recommended against surgery noting than the herniations existed in one area but could not be repaired without further damage to the spine. So we then proceeeded with medical treatment which was successful for the last three months, even allowing him to accompany us on our annual vacation to a relatively secluded area along the north shore of Perdido Bay in Lillian, Alabama, at a friends beach home, where he could roam off the leash and play with our other dogs in the water and on the beach and go boating with us. Even though the oil booms were everywhere this year, we and he had a fun time, as this and our pre-Katrina weekend home in Mississippi, were his favorite places to go, having made many trips to both since his adoption.

Moose was a great protector, family dog, and was loved by all in our family, and he returned that love many times over. These last few weeks, as we tried several different treatments to ease his pain and provide some interactive family life, his eyes were always on me, or my wife, Claire, or the kids as we all sat with him and comforted him and assisted his visits to our rear yard or front porch where he commanded his watchful view of our block of Audubon Street and the returning students at Tulane. Then, this last week, when he became totally immobile, he longingly looked to me and Claire for comfort, while we arranged to have as many of our kids there to comfort him and Dr. Fabacher from Metaire Small Animal Hospital also visit to assist his crossing of the Rainbow Bridge.

It is hard to imagine such a change in his condition is such a short time, but we will always remember his smile, hearty bark, his love for ice cream, the beach, boats and water in Alabama and our prior weekends to our pre-katrina vacation home in Mississippi, walks, chasing seagulls and pelicans (he never caught one!), and his watchful over our family in our New Orleans home. He was a great dog within a wonderful breed!

Bruce Adams


Our little Shady girl was lost due to bloat. Her foster family misses her tremendously.



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