This page is dedicated to the loved ones we have lost.
They are gone, but never forgotten.

Just this side of Heaven, is a place called Rainbow Bridge... When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.

The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they miss someone very special to them; who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. The bright eyes are intent; the eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to break away from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster. YOU have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.


It is with great regret that we have to report sad news, especially at Thanksgiving. PENNY, our fawn senior girl passed away at the vet’s office on November 22, 2005.  Penny was brought to our attention by a concerned neighbor, when her family evacuated their New Orleans area home for Katrina and didn’t return for two months.  The neighbors fed and watered Penny during that time and eventually sought GCDR’s help when it appeared the family might never return. 

Eventually GCDR was able to locate the family and secure her legal surrender to our care. PENNY had lived her entire life as an outside dog and we can only assume that she was outside during the horrific storm.  PENNY has had many health issues.  She had fared pretty well during a surgery to remove a huge tumor from her foot.  After that surgery she was fostered by one of our board members. 

In her new foster home, PENNY received a bed of her very own (inside of course) and a new sweater to wear when she went out side on cool days as Penny had a very thin coat.  She also received regular meals of quality dog food and more love and attention than she had probably ever known. However, Penny continued to have health issues.  She was back at the vet’s office undergoing further tests when she passed away.  It is not easy to lose a dog, even one that you have only known for a short time. 

We are all very sad that Penny did not make it to her new permanent home.  But we know in her mind, she had already arrived there.  We thank our board member, Nicky for the love and care that she gave Penny in this short time.  And for the fact that Penny didn’t die alone in a cold back yard.  Penny died loved, warm and happy and will be buried on Nicky’s property next to her beloved Sarge who died last year.   

Thank you for all those who have read this story and possibly shed a tear for Penny or held one back as best you could.  Yes it is sad when you can only do a little to help a dog, but the greater tragedy would have been to do nothing.

Quinn, our senior dobie mix has died suddenly.  Quinn was my foster and has been with me for over a year.  My husband found him in the yard dead yesterday and we have ordered a necropsy.  Preliminary reports are that he had a large mass on his heart.  I'm going in this morning to go over the results with the vet.  Quinn was a dobie mix and not good with other male dobes.  Consequently, he was taking a little longer to find the perfect home.  I've been in contact with a family for the last few months who were purchasing a home and waiting for their fence to be finished so that they might adopt Quinn.  Again, my pain is tempered with a little anger that Quinn didn't make it to a home of his own.  Quinn was happy here hanging out with all my girls and  loved playing "fetch" with his balls.  Our house seems empty this morning without his smiling face.


Fritz was found as a youth wandering the streets of Germantown, Maryland in December 1995 and placed in a foster home by the local Doberman Rescue.  He found his forever home with Nancy and Lee the following month.  He was a sweet boy who loved to play on the beach, feel the wind in his face and hang out with his family.  On game day he always wore his Tottenham Hotspur scarf to help his dad cheer on his London soccer team. 

In recent years he has shared his home and his family with dobes who needed a foster home and a fresh start as he once did.  Our beloved friend still lives in our heart.



Melanie Beiser lost her girl Grettel this week to cancer.  Grettel was the companion to our alumni Sierra (formerly Candy).  Our hearts and best wishes go out to Melanie and Sierra as they adjust to their enormous loss.

Miss Grettel of Grand Avenue  -
A heart of GOLD!
September 4, 1997 - December 27, 2005
Live Love Laugh


This is Ralph Marshall's first dog. Ralph rescued her in Japan when he was stationed there. She was being severely abused by her owner (including being intentionally burned for "kicks"). Ralph has adopted 4 Dobes from GCDR and is a dedicated supporter of the group.

Not a Dobe, but a Dobe's big heart. Sleep easy my little golden girl and
enjoy running and playing with Shogun again. We miss you.

April 1992 - October 2005




Buddy Valenti 1996-2006

"When our arms are forced to let you go, we will hold you in our hearts"

Terri & AJ





Complications from Diabetes
May you have endless hours of playing the "water game" until we meet again.  We love and miss you.

To the Bridge July 2003

Trinka "GCDR"

Lost to HW treatment
To know you was to love you.  You insisted on it and wouldn't have it any other way.  I miss your adoration and wait to be with you and your gentle smile again.

Rescued Nov. 16, 2003 - To the Bridge Feb. 2004



Babe was an AKC/CDX champion. I got her two years ago after her original owner was lost in a horseback riding accident. No one wanted babe as she was too old . . . 9. Yet, I feel so blessed to have had her for the brief two last years of her life. As you can see she had a tremendous maternal instinct. She carried that kitten around like it was her own. She was also a wonderful companion and a dear, dear soul. She was a "smiler", smiling at me whenever I came home. Nothing like seeing dober-teeth.

To the Bridge Easter 2006


For a small Doberman, (60 lbs), and for having had her such a short period of time (8 months), Jessica made a HUGE impression on our family. She was a joy to be around, always happy to see us, even if we'd only been gone from the room five minutes - this of course after she'd spent the first 3 weeks with us in the bathroom afraid to come out. I wish I'd had more time to make more of a difference in her life - she certainly made a difference in ours!

To the Bridge May 29, 2006


Sherlock Cass-Schexnayder
Sudden onset of Wobblers.

Sherlock was a very special dog, easy going and affectionate. He mentored a dominant female Doberman puppy with grace and humor. He liked to chase Marin, bite water coming out of faucets and woof squirrels. He pioneered the “three leg rule” at our house: It is ok to sit on the furniture as long as three feet remain on the floor. He was elegant and stately. He had reclaimed his spirit, was in peak condition and was having the time of his life when he was taken from us. Loved and remembered forever. "

To the Bridge April 2007

Petal/Selena "GCDR"

To the Bridge April 2007

This beautiful girl is Dini who will always and forever occupy a very special place in the heart of Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue. You see Dini was the very first dog ever to be adopted from our organization back when we were known as Baton Rouge Doberman Rescue. Dini went on to live a charmed life, one that we hope all of our dogs have a chance to live. We are honored to have known her and we pledge to her to continue our mission to help as many others as we can. Dini will be Number One Forever.

To the Bridge October 27, 2006

Dini was a birthday gift to me from my beautiful wife Susanne in October 2001 - at which time it was estimated that she was approximately 5 years old. Dini turned-out to be the most wonderful gift anyone could ever receive - she enriched our lives in so many ways that its impossible to describe. We will be forever grateful to BRDR/GCDR for our wonderful gift. Dini passed on over the rainbow bridge in October 2006 - but remains in our hearts forever.







In memory of Raiden, who died suddenly and unexpectedly on 04/29/2007 of an aortic aneurysm.

"When our arms are forced to let you go, we will hold you in our hearts"

Al and Palmer


Whitney "Whitty" was such a big part of our lives, I can't remember life without her. Last Christmas, as she was trying on her Christmas sweater, we noticed two lumps in her throat. The next day we went to LSU medical center only to find out she had stage four lymphoma. A devastating day for our family to say the least. The doctors predicted she would live only a few months with treatment. We began Chemotherapy immediately. Whitty never lost that smile or her noble spirit. She was the bravest little girl and never complained. Whitty lost her battle on Thursday, November 29th, the day before her last scheduled treatment. We were so blessed to have had this little angel come into our lives. She gave us far more than we could have imagined. She smiled all the time and had the gentlest heart. Our family will never be the same without her. She was our shadow, daughter, running partner, and best friend. We are better people for having a daughter like her.

In memory of original Shogun, to the bridge September 29, 2003. My first Doberman, who taught me the standards of what Dobermans are all about. A unique guy and has the place of honor in my heart.

In memory of Shogun 2, to the bridge on 16 Nov 2006. A gentle giant, who captured our hearts at first sight. We love him, miss him, and remember him each and every day. Wait for me at the bridge, big boy.

Tom's Rocket Rascal AKC JH 1994-1-10-2008

There wasn't a human who met her, that didn't offer to take her. Beloved by many, she was the smartest dog who's ever owned us. She shared her home and humans with more Dobes than I can remember, taught many a Dobe puppy how to behave. There was always room in her bed for one of the fosters. Guardian of all food spilled, and cleaner of any baby faces that were near. My decision to "take" her when my father passed away has been one of the best ones of my life.

Ken and Jeanette Tanguis

Trixie: To the bridge on 3/16/2008. From cardio. A most gentle, loving and playful creature, loved by all, and so greatly missed. The suddenness of it all is only tempered by the thought that with no warning at all, you felt no pain. Dolly is so downcast and seems lost since you, her big sister and playmate passed. Wait for all of us at the Bridge and enjoy playing with Shogun2 again. Ralph & Suzuko Marshall and Hope, Dolly and Shogun3



‘Gregor was the first. He was offered to me by a customer in Mobile, whose sister had to move from a house to an apartment. I brought him home that afternoon. This dog, bred to retrieve 200 ducks from Chesapeake Bay in the winter, no more belonged in a backyard than in an apartment. You should have seen his eyes light up when he saw our 1-1/2 acre lake. He loved to swim with the ducks we had then, which would gather round in a curious circle. He was immensely strong, and would retrieve anything that would float, up to and including a landscape timber. He liked to collect rocks from the lake and bring them up to the house for me to find with the lawnmower. The largest weighed 14 lbs. Dr. Hubbard asked what I was doing to his teeth. He was apprehensive at first, but learned to trust us when he realized nobody was going to hurt him. He became very affectionate and learned to come at you at full speed, leap as he barely missed you, and plant a wet kiss on your cheek as he flew by. He always wanted a boy. Every time anyone brought a boy, of any age, here he would latch on to the kid to go fishing, walk or just hang out. Each time they left he would look at me as if to say “couldn’t we please keep this one?” Morgan McGregor Paul has left the farm. Gone fishing, hopefully with a boy across the rainbow bridge.

Casey - Ch Monarch The Beat Goes On, RN, CGC 1/22/2000 - 5/4/2008

After 7 grand years together, I lost Casey to Dilated Cardiomyopathy. Casey was one of those 'once in a lifetime' Dobes. (OK, I have to admit he was my 3rd 'once in a lifetime' Dobe!)

He came to me at 15 months, not a rescue, a rehomed show prospect. He was to be my next obedience Dobe. At 15 months, I was still waiting for FedEx to deliver his brains as we Dobe people say, and I decided to let him continue showing, and he finished his Championship. So accidently, I had a Champion. The last time he showed, he went BOB at the Doberman Club of Louisiana show. We did Rally Obedience, and he earned his Rally Novice title and a Canine Good Citizen certificate. But traditional obedience was not his thing - too serious. Casey never had a serious day in his life. I think in another life he was a frat boy.

Casey was my Teaching Assistant at my obedience classes. He loved all people, and charmed every vet and vet tech he ever met. Always thought a plumber or electrician was at the house just to visit with him and throw tennis balls. He visited a couple of Brownie and Girl Scout troops working on pet care badges, and the little girls were so thrilled, as he would 'sit' and 'lie down' at their command, and let them practice brushing a dog.

Casey was one of those typical loving male Dobes. The boys are such big sweethearts, and so sensitive. Casey told me what time to get up, when to go to bed, reminded me when it was time for him to eat, reminded me if I forgot his yogurt dessert. And told me when it was time to swap which end of the sofa we were each sitting on.

His favorite trick was to thow a tennis ball under the sofa, and bark for me to fetch it. Over and over. Much more fun than simply retrieving the tennis ball. I finally put a 2x4 across the front legs of the sofa. Next night, I saw him use his foot to pull the 2x4 out, and throw the tennis ball under the sofa! That's when I gave up!

Casey has joined my previous Dobes at the Rainbow Bridge: J.R., CD, CDX, CGC, a rescue, and Katy, CD, CDX, UD, U-CD, U-CDX, S-CD, CGC. Knowing Casey, he is flirting with all the females.

Marie-Alice Rousselle, Metairie (New Orleans)

Tonight GCDR says good-bye to Duke. Duke is a fairly new addition to the GCDR family after having been rescued from a pen and chain in a back yard by a nice young gentleman in Hammond. Duke was thin and flea infested. He ate some days and not others. Nick couldn't stand for him to wait there for his "shot" - so he convinced the man to let him take him to his auto shop. Unable to keep Duke himself - Nick was kind enough to buy Duke months of waiting time to get into GCDR. He did make it into our "family" at the start of June. Duke has been an exceptional dog from the day I picked him up. He fostered here for a bit and then went to Janet after receiving heartworm treatment where he could quietly weather the treatment. From the start the treatment was not easy for him - and earlier tonight he simply slipped away while resting in his crate. It is always heartbreaking to hear about one of "ours" leaving us - but I've always had an exceptionally soft spot for those that made it this far - only to never get their "own last name". It's always difficult when the needlessness of it is examined. So easily preventable.



In loving memory of Lucky Nut, lost to cancer 8/27/08
My heart is broken that you have left me, but the legacy you have left behind will live on forever. So many wrong opinions of Dobermans have been changed just from interaction with your warm, gentle, most loving soul. Always the perfect gentleman, now you can cut loose and romp and play and bark and growl as you wait for those of us who loved you most to join you in Heaven.

We love you! Amy, Carl, Blaine, Caitlyn and Karly Ann

Margo, you stole your way into GCDR's heart and home with the perfect "Hey, I look CLOSE" look. It was meant to be and you were an excellent "honorary Dobe" for many years. Your clownish personality will be dearly missed. You did for Rotties what so many GCDR Dobes do for their breed - you educated even us that consider ourselves educated. I will always love the Rottie breed just from knowing you. May your new home at the Bridge be nice and quiet without fireworks and thunder. We love you.







Sasha came to us when her previous owner, Charlie, died and his wife could not handle her. Sasha was heartbroken and not doing well before we adopted her. She had always been an only child except for an aging cat and not used to being part of a pack. Once we got her it didn’t take Sasha long to fall in love with Gary and become his constant companion. Sasha left us on 6/24/2008 and will be sorely missed. It is our hope that she has reunited with Charlie and is once again going for her daily walks with him. She was a site to behold when walking, much like a Thoroughbred Horse. All beauty and grace.

Kathy & Gary


Reebok 1995 – 2008

There will always be a special place in my heart for Reebok, my very first Doberman. She was the bravest dog I’ve ever known, defying the odds and refusing to give up. My vet called her the miracle dog. But I will remember her indomitable spirit and unconditional love she gave me day after day. Sure, there were many times that I felt lonesome but once Reebok came into my life, I never felt lonely or alone. She was a wonderful therapy dog, adored children and tolerated Nike for 12 years. And, she was a big LSU fan!

Here’s a funny story….My fences blew down during Hurricane Gustev and of course Nike and Reebok were used to going outside as they wish, in and out the doggy door. After two days of keeping the door closed and being awakened frequently during the night to let Reebok out, I gave up and opened door when I was home. I put Reebok’s (outdoor) bed under the carport, and the neighbors were amazed at how she would lay there for hours, never wandering off, watching everything around her. Her favorite place in the world was being outside, in the sun, watching the birds.

Nike and I will miss her always!
To the Bridge, December 2008.




In January of 2009 Baxter lost his battle with oral cancer. He came into my life in January of 2004. He was approximately one year old, and had been in more than one match with cars in downtown New Orleans. He was very tall and at 52 pounds, was skinnier than my 2 Saluki girls. He thrived and grew to 72 pounds without an ounce of fat. This ‘gentle giant’ had a tender heart and loved people, yet in true Dobie fashion he could exude an intimidating presence when a loved one was threatened. He was the “Hoss Cartwright” of Dobermans, enabling me to live alone without fear. My constant companion and friend, I will miss him forever.

Mary Beth


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