It is with great sadness and much love that I want to tell everyone that our Leibchen passed away this morning.  It was a quick, but not unexpected death.  She died here at home with her family surrounded by a lot of love and happiness.  We will miss her and her raspy bark, wagging nubby as she tried to con us out of the human food treats she so loved.  The smell of popcorn will always remind me of her.  The smell of it popping would bring her to you from any area of my home.
Leibchen had a myriad of medical problems brought on by years of neglect, this was compounded by her advanced age.  She fought to live through the neglect that brought her to us.  Her will to live, an inspiration to all those who heard her story.  She chose to live and fight when most would have given up.  I believe her message to all of us was to spread the word about taking your pets with you during a natural disaster evacuation.  In her memory, please spread this word to everyone you know.  If it saves one life it will mean her message and fight will go on to save others.
Many thanks to Dr Melinda Knight of Bayou Cane Veterinary services.  She has worked with me for months trying to find the right combination of medications for Leibi.  She took the time to research different medications and to call and check on Leibi.  She came out this morning and is handling Leibi's final arrangements.
My deepest thanks to Ms Kathleen O'Gorman for coming to visit Leibi and for loving and caring about her.  Because of her kindness, Leibi will never have to go through another hurricane again.  Ms Kathleen has kindly agreed to take Leibi's ashes with her to North Louisiana to her hurricane haven.
Leibchen died knowing love and that we valued her and her life.  Her bed was soft, her bowl filled with food and water. 
Jeanette Tanguis


Leibchen's story is below


On tonight's Channel 6 WDSU (NBC Affiliate) news in New Orleans, there was a piece about a dobe that was left behind by her "family" when they evacuated. When they returned to their home after 7 1/2 weeks, they found her unable to stand and near death. Their reaction was to drag her to the curb and leave her in the trash pile for pick-up. When a neighbor noticed she was still alive, and mentioned something to them, the owner stated they didn't believe she would be by the morning.

If, the owners were forced to leave her by their rescuers, they had ample time to return or to ask someone to rescue her within the last two months! The neighbor cared enough to take the Dobe to the Southern Animal Foundation Clinic where she stayed for weeks with a 50-50 chance of survival as per the news story. Her name is Leibchen and she is a determined old girl and continues to improve daily. She was recently released to GCDR and walked out of the vets office under her own steam. She totally enjoyed riding to Houma to meet her new foster mom. This should be a poster-dobe. We hope her "family" will be investigated and prosecuted, although with all else happening in the City, we expect little response - the DA is broke, the City is broke, etc...

These early shots of her were actually taken 1 week AFTER her arrival at the clinic.
After a week she was still skin & bones Not even enough strength to stand on her own


Seven days later, when we visited with Leibchen at the hospital, we were shocked and delighted to see her walk (well sort of) up to greet us in the reception area.  It seems our visit came just as she decided she'd like to go out for a little walk.  She had gained some weight. Yes, she was still skin and bones but there had been a weight gain and there was a little more life in her eyes.  Only seven days earlier all she could do was bestow the tiniest little kiss on the face of anyone's face that came to visit.  Today, she appears to actually have an agenda and if you are so kind as to assist her rear legs, she is happy to paddle her front legs in the direction she would like to go. Unfortunately only a half block away and back is all her body is ready for but you can tell she was disappointed that she couldn't manage to go a little further.
Able to walk with the assistance of a towel
Checking out new smells

Leibchen was picked up today and delivered to her new Foster Mom. She walked out of the hospital under her own steam and never looked back. She enjoyed her ride so much she attempted to bark for joy but no sound came out. She still has a little recovering to do ;-)

She will be eternally grateful to the wonderful lady that saw the value of the life that was being thrown away, The Doctors and staff of the Southern Animal Hospital and the DPCA Hurricane Disaster Team for paying for her hospital bill.
Hey! Lets go! What are you waiting for!?
Walking out on her own
Where are we going now?
Woo Hoo I'm glad to get out of here!


Leibchen visiting with Santa,

Hmmmm . . . .

I wonder what she was telling Santa
she wanted for Christmas?

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