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On December 4, 2002 Gautier, MS Police Department received a call from a concerned neighbor.
Here is the transcript from the police report:
"On the above date and time, reporting officer was dispatched to the above address reff. a dog in distress. Witness ___ stated she was hanging clothes on the line to dry when she smelled a bad odor. She walked next door and found one (1) dog dead and one that had not been fed for awhile. Reporting officer approached a kennel located at the rear of __ and found the badly decomposed body of one (1) dog and an emaciated blue Doberman with ribs, tail bones and spine clearly visible. The dogs eyes were sunken in it's head and were encrusted with mucous. There was no water or food to be found. The dogs dish was filled with dirt. ____ took pictures of animals injuries."

"Hope" was released to GCDR by Animal Control on December 12, 2002.

The photos on the LEFT show her the day she was released. Photos on the RIGHT show her on January 4, 2003, exactly one month after she was saved .


is the face

of animal cruelty.

On December 11, 2002 "Hope" weighed only 48.3 pounds. She was estimated to be 20 pounds underweight.

The photo on LEFT clearly illustrates the level of emaciation. Please understand this was one week after her initial rescue. She was actually worse when she was saved.


Scabs and swelling on her ears were caused by flystrike. "Hope" tested direct positive for Heartworm and also had a SEVERE infestation of hookworms. She was severely anemic, having a platelet count of only 19.5. The hookworms were quite literally sucking the life out of her.

Day of release 12/12/02

"Hope" has not been weighed recently, but it was necessary to loosen her collar a notch!
"Hope" now spends her days lazing in the sun and napping in her plastic doggie box. She has a long road to recovery still ahead of her, but the worst days are past. GCDR and "Hope" would like to sincerely thank everyone for their kindness and concern.

"Ahhh.... sun!"

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