Do you have a little extra room in your heart and home for a homeless Dobe?

Have you always wanted a Doberman but can't commit to one long term?

Perhaps being a "foster home" is for you!


Do you live in Louisiana or Mississippi? GCDR is contacted on a daily basis with requests to take in needy Dobermans. We have had 175 requests since January 1, 2005! However, we are running out of places to house them 'short term'. If you would like to help we would love to hear from you. Just ONE TEMPORARY FOSTER HOME gives that one Dobe a new lease on life!!! Doesn't matter if you have children, cats or other dogs, we have Dobes that fit every lifestyle. All they require is a full tummy, warm bed, lots of love and a big heart. We provide all medical treatment and if necessary will also provide a crate, food and heartworm preventative.

Interested? Please fill out the following foster form:

Foster Home Volunteer Form

Please note that you must be over the age of 18 to foster one of our dogs.

What is your name?


City, State, Zip:

Home Phone: Work Phone:

E-mail address:


Veterinarian Name & Phone Number:

Do we have permission to contact your vet? Yes No


Is your yard fenced? Yes No

How high is your fence? 4 feet 5 feet 6 feet

During the day the dog will stay:

At night the dog will stay:

Have you ever fostered before? If so, provide us with some details such as what you fostered, what organization your fostered for, etc.


Do you have any other pets? (Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Livestock, etc.)

Are all dogs in the home spayed/neutered? If not, is there a reason that they are unaltered?

Do you have any children? If so, please tell us how many and their ages.

Will any children be visiting this dog? Yes No


Are you able to assist with transport ? Yes No


Should your area need to evacuate for a storm, would you be able to include your foster dog in your evacuation plans?


Thank you for volunteering your time! A reperesentative will contact you shortly to discuss your situation and how you might best be able to assist a homeless Dobe in need!




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