False Impressions :

If you have been in the breed long enough, you've probably heard the rumors. Dobermans turn on their owners. Their brains outgrow their skulls.

If you have ever seen a movie with a Doberman in it, you have no doubt seen a close up of Doberman dentition. Dobermans have been portrayed as mean, vicious attack dogs in almost every movie or TV show they appear in.

Today, many breed bans exist. Unfortunately, the Doberman is on the list of breeds banned by many insurance companies. The breed is still very misunderstood.

Those of us lucky enough to own a Doberman, know differently. With ANY breed, it is important to judge the individual DOG, not the breed. Here are a few candids of Dobermans doing what they do best. Please note that most of these dogs were rescued by GCDR. We hope this combats yet another stigma about rescuing an abused or abandoned adult dog.

Now, do we advocate you take an unknown large breed dog into your home and let your kids hang all over it...NO! (We certainly don't suggest you take in a 5 pounder and do this either.) Again, judge the DOG, not the breed.

"Cookie" rescued at age 10 sharing a nap with a 2 year old

"Leah" rescued at age 5 enjoys playing
"dress up" with 8 year old.
"Apollo 2", rescued at age 3 enjoys a hug from 8 year old volunteer.
"Cricket", rescued at age 18 months enjoys
nap time in her foster home.
"Leipchen" and her human buddy
"Delilah" sleeping in the lap of a babe
Now how much more at ease can you be?
Hap enjoys a hug from a curly topped 4 year old

Jen and Leipchen's favorite toy, . . .WATER!
Pool buddies enjoy a summer "Splash"
"Give them your most pitiful look" she quietly whispered in his ear
Kiss Me!
Jude & Cane
Andrew, Sinder and Splash. Talk about 3 bugs all snug in a rug!

2 year old Anabelle commands HER Splashie
Mason "spooning with his little buddy" Abby

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