The holiday season seems to bring a rush of puppies into homes for Christmas. Before you rush out and buy that adorable new puppy, we would like to give you some things to consider.



Is a Doberman the right breed for me?

Dobermans can be excellent family pets, but are by no means "low maintenance". Dobermans require daily exercise, obedience training and firm but fair structure and handling. Dobermans are incredibly intelligent dogs. The worst thing you can do is to leave a Doberman chained up or outside all day. Dobermans live to be a part of the family! Please read the AKC breed standard and learn more about this breed before you consider adding one to your family.

Buying from Pet Stores

You should learn where your puppy actually comes from before you even consider buying from a pet store. No matter what the salesperson tells you, pet store puppies come from puppy mills.

Christmas Puppies For Sale

Is this really any way to sell puppies?

Buying from a newspaper ad

While you can occasionally get a quality puppy from a newspaper ad, most times these are just puppy millers or backyard breeders selling their dogs. Little thought goes into their production. Health testing is rarely (if ever) done on the parents. Most puppies advertised in the newspaper are produced by individuals interested in making MONEY, not producing the best dogs possible.

Truth In Advertising

Buying from a reputable breeder

While you will admittedly pay a much higher price for a puppy from a reputable breeder, you will absolutely get a quality dog. You will be dealing with individuals that truly care about the breed. Many years of research and experience go into their breeding decisions. Their breeding stock has been health tested, possess stable temperaments and you will in most cases have someone who will truly be interested in the future of your puppy. Someone who will be there to answer your questions and guide you through many years of ownership. In most cases, reputable breeders sell their puppies on a contract and guarantee the health and stability of their dogs. Although most reputable breeders breed for show, you can also obtain a "pet" quality Doberman from them at a much reduced price. Many reputable breeders have waiting lists for puppies. Please contact us if you would like a referral to a reputable breeder.

Rescue a Doberman

Rescue is a great way to get a quality dog. While you may not have that cute, squiggling puppy to bring home, qualified rescue volunteers can help you to find the right dog for your individual home situation. The added benefit is that you will be saving the life of a homeless dog. Dobermans available for adoption from qualified rescue organizations have already been spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated, tested and treated for intestinal parasites and hearworms. Doberman rescue volunteers are individuals that truly love the breed they work so hard to save. They have years of combined experience with the breed and in most cases will be there for you throughout the life of your adopted Doberman with help, guidance and advice.

COPE rescue directory


No matter what your final decision, we do hope that thought is put into it. Obtaining a new family member should be a well researched and thought out process. Animal shelters and rescue organizations nationwide are filled to capacity with unwanted dogs. Millions of dogs are euthanized every year for lack of a home.

A Doberman is for life, not just for Christmas.

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