"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable.
They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well."

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Monkey is a 5 month old doberman/ doberman mix pup.  He came to us from a south Louisiana shelter with a badly broken leg.  The family that first owned him surrendered him after he had been hit by a car because they could not afford the surgery he needed to repair the leg. Although we named him Mikey, the vet's office messed up his paper work and had him down as "Monkey".  Honestly the name just suited this little guy so we kept it.  After all, his initial care-takers who lovingly saw after him post surgery at the vet hospital were calling him Monkey and we knew that he associated the name with tender loving care.  Monkey has now been neutered, is up-to-date on shots and on heart worm preventative.  He is crate trained and gets along extremely well with other dogs.  Monkey would be OK with cats as well.




Some of us believe there is just something special about those blues... Elliott proves this to be absolutely true! GCDR would like to welcome this hunk of sweet love to rescue. He is a well-mannered, 3 year old, BIG boy with a true heart of gold. Loves all other dogs, is house broken, neutered, good with children, walks well on a leash and is just an absolute pleasure to be around. Elliott does have a long history of obsessively eating anything soft that's available, so a neat home with a large crate for him will be an absolute must while he is left alone. This Doberman baby will truly need to be gently treated and watched like a human baby by his next lucky family. Could that be you? 





Welcome, Marco! This gorgeous young guy is fairly new to GCDR, but has already gone through an amazing transformation from a skeleton to Mr. Casanova. He is only two years old. Marco is beyond lovely, so get those apps in for him soon since this boy won't last long! 






Ledger was hit and dragged by a car -- it broke his back and skinned him up. Luckily an earth angel was passing by — she saw him struggling to stand and stopped to help him. She made sure he was taken to LSU vet school and started looking for help. Through word of mouth and the help of a cat rescue (!) Ledger became the lucky recipient of a cooperative effort between LSU vet school, GCDR and Metairie Small Animal Hospital. An army of people joined forces to give Ledger a second chance at life. His physical injuries have healed. He has had a long road to recovery to this point. Ledger’s last hurdle is a high one: fear -- confidence and trust. He will require an experienced person that has the time,energy and long term commitment to assist him in this journey. He needs a very predictable quiet environment. Building trust in his forever home will take patience and an extraordinary amount of commitment.




Anyone recognize this handsome guy? It is Ledger! There is a visible difference in his demeanor. He knows people are trying to help him and he is more open. He has been taken out of ICU. He continues to make amazing progress. What a sweet boy!


"Cameron "
Hi, my name is Cameron. I'm only about a year old but I've had a lifetime of misery. I was first owned by someone who went to jail and I was loose in the neighborhood fending for myself for a while. Then I was taken in by another family but I was chained outside with only a metal cargo box to sleep in - in the dead of winter. When rescue found out about me, they offered to take me in. I was painfully thin and had developed pneumonia - probably because I was exposed to wet cold conditions and my body was too weak to fight off an upper respiratory infection. I've been in rescue for about a month now and I'm still coughing - but I'm getting better with medications and lots of TLC. I am a little food aggressive with other dogs because I had to fight or not eat for a while. I'm beginning to learn that meals are regular around here and getting better about my eating habits. I'm crate trained and love living inside with heat and air-conditioning and a soft warm blanket. I'm very good around all people. I have not been tested with cats but I'm young enough that I could probably learn to live in harmony with them. I will be neutered as soon as I recover from my pneumonia. Please watch for updates from me. If you think I might be someone you'd love to make a member of your family, go ahead and fill out an on-line application and ask for me, Cameron.

Cameron has finished his heartworm treatment and has been neutered. His heartworm treatment had to be done in two stages due to the alergic reaction his body was having to the heart worms. But he has now FINALLY been given the green light to resume normal puppy activities! Too bad the weather isn't better for him. But this boy isn't complaining - he knows his life is so much better than when he was living in that box! Cameron is a great dog. He is not too big (around 65 pounds) but has a big attitude and would not do well with another large male dog. But he loves the ladies (dogs) and is OK with our small dog. Cameron is great with people. He is good with anyone invited into our home but will alert us if a stranger is at the door. Cameron is now ready for a home of his own. Could he be just who you are looking for? .



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"Is that my new family I see in there?"


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