"Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable.
They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well."

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 Welcome to GCDR beautiful Missy! She's a 2yr old black/rust dobie girl at a whopping 80lbs! Missy was surrendered to a local shelter at no fault of her own. Scared and confused, this girl has come out of her shell so much in her foster home. Missy is spayed, heartworm negative, up to date in vaccines, and microchipped. She is house & crate trained, knows some basic obedience (sit, down, working on stay and leash manners), is fantastic with dogs of all sizes, loves to run & play but also loves a good snuggle & nap on the couch. Missy is very submissive with people, does well with kids, but can be a bit rambunctious with smaller children so will need some guidance there. She is the total package & would do well in just about any home environment and especially would love another dog friend to play with. If interested in adopting Missy, please fill out our online adoption form. 






 Jazzy is a two year old female, black and tan doberman who came to us from a local shelter with 5 pups that she had birthed in the shelter only hours before.  We did everything we could do but we lost two of the pups who were unable to overcome the high risk factors associated with being born in a shelter.  Jazzy's other three puppies made it and have now all been adopted into great homes.  Jazzy had to wait for her heart worm treatment until after she had raised her pups.  She is now spayed, up-to-date on shots and heart-worm free.  She was not much more than a puppy herself when she had her babies and she's now is picking back up on her lost months of puppy hood.  Jazzy gets along well with other dogs, big and small and  loves to play but she is also  happy to turn off the energy and chill with you on the sofa. Jazzy is good with children but would probably not be good with cats.   Jazzy would be a good addition to almost any home that doesn't have cats or bunnies, etc. 





Update for Molly from her foster mom

Hello from beautiful Molly Mae! This girl has every reason in the world to hate people and be a cranky old lady, but she is seriously one fantastic dog! She would love a home where she can snuggle up on the furniture next to her human and nap all day, only to be woken up for walks and car rides to get a puppachino. She's not a big fan of cats, but seems to get along fine with other dogs. I think she would appreciate older, calmer dogs who want to sleep just as much as she does. She is great with kids and has grown quite protective of our 6 year old, in a caring nanny sort of way. Miss Molly is available for adoption through Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue.

Precious Molly was abandoned in her previous home when it flooded.  She was left in a crate with no food or water.  She came to us with horrible mange , intestinal worms and heart worms that were obviously not caused by the flood.  She was so ematiated and dehydrated that she was in organ failure AND she was in heat!  Molly's poor health has required that we address each health issue slowly but in the short time she has been with us, she has shown improvement every day.  Please watch for future updates for Molly.  We estimate her age to be around six years old.







Kit is a very sweet older girl who is eternally young at heart.  We are delighted to see this girl playing the day away with almost any dog who will play with her.  She came to us in very dire emotional condition.  She had completely shut down at the shelter and had to be physically carried in and out for potty time.   We picked her up the very day we heard about her.  She remained self-isolated for a couple of weeks in a corner of a bedroom - again having to be helped in and out at first and then cautiously agreeing to be led out.  She eventually warmed up to the other foster dogs in the home and was seen actually playing a little when in the yard.  Now she has transformed into a lovely lovely lady whose mantra is surely "old girls just want to have fun".  Kit is still slightly timid but very affectionate once she warms up to new people.  She's great with small children and small dogs.  But her most favorite thing (besides eating) is running and playing with other large dogs.  We almost don't recognize her as she roars in and out with the other dogs.  Broken spirit - healed!  Kit is at least seven years old or we should say young.  She is healthy, spayed and ready for a home of her own.  We are looking for a home with other dogs that like to play.  We want Kit to have her favorite things for the rest of her life. 





Welcome Miss Petra to GCDR! Petra was surrendered to a Louisiana shelter with a scar on her back and a severely thin body. Thankfully through love and kindness she is already turning around making great progress in her new foster home! She is heartworm positive and will be going through treatment soon. Petra is estimated to be about 2 years old, totally crate trained, good with other dogs, walks well on a leash and is currently learning wonderful house manners. A sweet soul indeed who would make anyone a lovely companion!





A little info on our sweet senior gal from her lovely foster parents... Miss Lily is just a doll and we absolutely adore her! She is housebroken and great with all dogs, big and little. She is slow with her little stride walk and when she is excited she has fast, but small steps. It's adorable!!! She waits for her food by sitting pretty and loves to be petted and simply loved on. She does not jump on furniture, but does welcome cuddles on the floor as we accommodate this sweet girl every day. Miss Lily would make a lovely addition to any home.



In permanent
foster care


Chanel's beautiful red vibrant coat is just as beautiful in person as in the photos.   Chanel is young and still learning rules, but she is very smart and a fast learner.  She walks well on a leash using a pinch collar, but we are working on better leash manners.  Chanel sits and waits for her food until you to say "OK" before eating.  Chanel loves treats and toys of any kind and you have her full attention when they treats are being used for training. She has not destroyed any plush toys we've given her, she plays with them and can entertain herself for hours, she likes the hard nyla bones just as much too.  She does play fetch with tennis balls for a short time. Chanel loves to cuddle and loves people, she would love to sit next to you on the sofa but would be just as happy laying in her dog bed hanging out.  She does not mind getting a bath and will stand still for you until you are all done. 
Chanel is up to date on her shots, microchipped and spayed. 





Sachi is a beautiful well mannered seven year old fawn girl. She has been waiting a while now and we can’t figure out why. She is regal and distinguished, a natural beauty. Sachi has a protective nature and will thrive in a home with an experienced owner. She bonds easily to adults but likes to keep her distance with young children. Sachi has a prey drive — squirrels and cats pique her interest — she will chase them every chance she gets. She gets along well with other dogs. Sachi is obedient, loyal and devoted. Her photograph is in the dictionary next to “velcro”. She walks well on a leash and is crate trained. She is UTD on all her vetting, microchipped and more than ready to go. She enjoys car rides. We are hoping one of those rides will be with someone that realizes that she is a prize.  It is time to take her home — she will love you forever. People to love and a place to lay her head. 





Indy is a young dobie pup who was surrendered to us at about 10 weeks of age. Indy suffered a spinal cord injury either at birth or shortly thereafter. She came in completely unable to walk on her rear legs. We've been working with her and she has gained enough regeneration that she can now walk for a short while each day (although not perfectly). We are seeking assistance from Dag's House and have purchased a wheel chair which is being shipped. Our plan is to provide Indy with a wheel chair so she can enjoy life more fully but also still require her to exercise and walk without the chair to strengthen her little body and legs. Indy will eventually be available for adoption as a special needs pet - but for now, she will remain in our care while we work with her to achieve optimum improvement. Please watch for updates for our little Indy!






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