Why white is NOT "Just a color"

In November 1976, Padula's Queen Sheba was registered with the AKC. She was the first albino Doberman Pinscher. The DPCA (Doberman Pinscher Club of America) and the standard set forth for the Doberman allow for four colors: Black, Red, Blue and Fawn. ANY white is considered a disqualification as it is "not of an allowed color". "White" Doberman Pinschers are not "rare". They are a genetic fault and all albinos can be traced back to one dog- Padula's Queen Sheba and her parents Rasputin VI and Dynamo Humm. "White" Dobermans are indeed true albinos, unlike white German Shepherds or Boxers. They have pink noses, pink skin pigment and ice blue eyes. Their coat is a cream color, with what would normally be rust markings (facial markings, paws, chest) in white. Some people have chosen to breed and intentionally produce albino Dobermans. (Contrary to rumors, albinos are not normally occurring). The greatly reduced pigment in skin and eyes causes marked photosensitivity (squint or shut eyes in sunlight) and increased risk of solar skin damage including cancer. Albino Dobermans have also been known to suffer from other deleterious health conditions and temperament problems. For the most comprehensive coverage on Albinism and facts about albino Dobermans, visit www.whitedobes.com. The site was written by Ione Smith, DVM who owns a rescue albino Doberman and is active with Doberman Rescue. She does not take a 'pro' or 'con' position, she simply presents the facts. Please.... get the FACTS about albino Dobermans. Do not fall in to the ads for "rare" Dobermans you might see in the papers.

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