"Sonya" is an approximately 5 year old, red, cropped, docked, spayed female.  She is the luckiest dog alive.  Rescued from Gauthier Mississippi three days before hurricane Katrina paid a call, the town she lived in flooded by storm surge.  She is cat safe, housebroken, but is not crate trained, and hates being in one.  Sonya is in her final stages of heartworm treatment and will be ready for her forever home at the end of November.  She loves kids and all people and is just looking to decorate someone's couch with her gentle soul.


Morgan is an approximately 3 year old black/rust male Doberman with natural ears and a docked tail.  Morgan was rescued from the flood waters of New Orleans and taken to the Lamar Dixon shelter where he was pulled by GCDR volunteers.  Morgan is an extremely sweet boy who is eager to get all the love and attention he can get.  He is heartworm positive and must be neutered before adoption.



Hap is an approximately 7 year old male with cropped ears and a docked tail. Hap was found wandering the streets shortly after Hurricane Katrina. Understandably, he is quite shy and anxious but is adjusting very quickly to the love and attention he gets in his foster home. He is working on his house manners, is crate trained, heartworm negative, rides well in the car and is good on a leash. Hap is a very attractive older man with dashing salt-and-pepper accents around his muzzle. Hap will be available when he has gained weight and is able to undergo surgery for neutering. Hap doesn't mind cats if they don't mind him. He loves children of all shapes and sizes. Adoring and snuggly, Hap is waiting for that special owner who can heal his heart and love him for the sweetheart he is.


Major is an approximately 15 month old, neutered male Doberman.  Major entered rescue with a bad case of Demodectic Mange which we are treating him for.  Although he is responding very well to the treatment, at this time we are still unsure if Major is a Black/Rust Doberman or Blue.  He is our version of "pot" luck at the moment - although most bets are that he is black.  Major is a large boy with a sweet little boy personality.  Everyone who meets him falls instantly and hopelessly in love.  Major is not alpha, would be an excellent candidate for a home with children above the age of 4 (due to his size) and is great with cats and small dogs.  Major will not be available for adoption until his skin condition is cleared up but interested families may submit an application and meet him.







Rusty is a 2 year old Red, neutered, male. Rusty has spent most of his short life chained outside, although the only signs of this is the spinning he does when he's playing or excited. Rusty is a real 'love bug'. He loves nothing more than to have you rub and pat him all day or just lay his head in your lap. He plays well with the other fosters at his foster home and none of the other 'farm' animals seem to phase him. He could be cat safe, although yet to be tested. Rusty is working hard on house training, he's crate trained and loves that he now has a big pillow bed to sleep on, a cool/warm house to live in and 2 meals a day. He is heartworm positive and will need to be treated. Because of Rusty's size, he's probably best in a home with children over the age of 6. He's a fantastic, social boy and would love a 'forever' home.






"Lucky II " is a black and tan, cropped, neutered, male.  His previous owner died and he was taken in by the gentleman's brother who was unable to care for him.  Lucky is a loving boy who will require some structure and obedience.  Lucky is heartworm positive, once his treatment is complete he'll be looking very hard for his forever home, could it be your home and heart that are open for this loving boy?

Lucky II



"Mason" is a black natural eared neutered male Dobe "wannabe". We believe that mason might have some Manchester Terrier or German Pinscher in him.  He's a very loving boy, eager to please, but full of high octane energy.  While he loves children, he may not be suitable for toddlers because of his high energy level.  He is crate trained, housebroken, and cat curious.  He learns easily and will do just about anything for a treat.  His favorite pastime, once he's worn himself out, is to curl up in bed with you for a good snuggle. 



He just turned 6 years old in October. He is a cropped, docked black/rust, neutered male. Sherlock gets along well with large and small dogs, is crate trained, obedience trained and house trained. This boy is magnificent inside and out!








Copper is a 3 year old cropped, docked, neutered red male.  He was rescued by friends of the Causeway Animal Clinic when his owners abandoned him after the storm. 

Copper has nice manners and appears to have been obedience trained.  Copper would not be suitable for small dogs or cats.   He is currently in treatment for heartworms but will be available for adoption in a few weeks.







"Lizzie" is an approximately 2 year old black natural eared, spayed female. She is a very gentle, sweet girl who loves to give kisses. Lizzie is house and crate trained, she loves to play with people and dogs. She is very loving and obedient, great with kids but not suited to a home with cats or critters. Lizzie is currently heartworm positive and will be treated before being placed.





Trueman Coyote  

Trueman was pulled from a shelter in North Louisiana. What a nice boy he is. You can see from the one photo that his coat is in terrible shape.  He was obviously out in the sun as he is bleached out.  He was so matted that most of his longer hair is gone.  But along with the dips for sarcoptic mange (which is completely curable) I'm brushing him daily.  That with some good groceries and vitamins and he will be gorgeous before long.  The hair that is missing from his ear is due to the sarcop and will grow back.

 He has beautiful markings.  A complete while collar (which is desirable for collies) and four white stocking feet.  He will be a beautiful honey colored sable when his new hair grows in.  He is extremely laid back and gets along with all dogs- large and small.  Kitty noises perk him up.  Not sure if its a good perk or if he's cat aggressive.  But frankly, I don't see this boy getting aggressive over anything. 

He is likely heartworm positive and I will treat him for heartworms before he is placed.  He appears to be older than 2 and younger than five.  My best guess is around 3.
Trueman is being fostered in New Orleans LA and is looking for his forever home. For more information, contact Terri at

A message from "Trueman"
My name is Trueman, (yes I like to spell it that way).  I'm a 3 to 4 year old male, neutered, Collie in foster care with Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue.  I know I'm not a Doberman but you see Hurricane Katrina blew a lot of things to where they would not normally be found and I was one of them. 
I saw my foster mom come into the shelter to look for Dobermans and I put on my most pitiful face and guess what was in her car when she left - ME!
I can assure you I have a classic laid back Collie temperament.  I don't sweat the small stuff or the big stuff for that matter. I'm told I have heartworms but I'm not worried about that either because my new foster mom will take care of those.  I will be ready for a new home of my very own soon.  If you would like to know more of my special qualities (and I have many) please ask.

A New Improved "Trueman"

Just finished his heartworm treatment and

lookin good!

Would make an excellent therapy dog !





Vanna is a toy fanatic and will bring you every toy
in the house in the hope you'll throw it for her.  If you have the time and patience to play with her toys and throw the ball all day, she would be in 'puppy heaven'. 


She wants to please however, so she will go lay down if you tell her to..  Once you put her toys up she turns into a super-smoocher and will wash your whole face without a problem. She loves to give kisses and have her back scratched and will do a 'bootie shake' when you scratch her butt.
She's a smart girl and just needs to be busy.  Vanna is house & crate trained, although she now sleeps on her own bed through the night.  She knows basic obedience and is very willing to please and loves to learn new things. She gets along with big and small dogs, however, probably not good in a home with cats or critters.
Toys, treats and booty scratches, that's all this girl really needs besides a little lovin. Of course, she could really use somebody to share them with.


My name is Smeagol and I am a 2 year old fawn and tan natural eared girl.  I was found roaming the streets eating out of trash cans and there is no nourishment in plastic bags!! When my foster mummy brought me home I was very thin and some other dog had bitten me.  As you can see from my photo's I am now looking much better and I am simply loving life.  I have yet to be Heartworm tested. I do hope I don't have any, but I know I will be treated even if I have.
I really love to play and I have endless amounts of energy.  I do love to be cuddled and I am very very affectionate.  I am bright and I learn very quickly I can already do "sit", "down", I play fetch and I'm crate and house trained.  I don't like Cats, but I really like other dogs and children.




Wendy is a 2.5 year old red spayed female with cropped ears and a docked tail. Wendy is a sweet, shy little girl who is very loving. She adores attention and is happy to lay quietly at your feet or chase you wildly around the house or yard playing.  She is crate trained, house broken, walks good on a leash, has excellent house manners and loves to ride in the car. She does not like cats or other small animals. Due to her enthusiasm, she would not be suited to a home with toddlers or children under age six.  She gets along well with other large dogs. Wendy is heartworm positive and will be treated prior to placement.  This little sweetie has had a tough life but doesn't hold it against anyone. She is looking for a chance to warm your heart and be your loving companion for life.





Remy is a 2 year old cropped, docked red doberman.  He was rescued from the flood waters in New Orleans after Katrina and taken to the Lamar Dixon rescue facility.  There Remy found the waiting arms of Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue.  Remy has an extremely nice temperament, gets along well with large female dogs and is OK with small dogs as well.  We do not know if Remy is cat safe but we intend to test him soon.  Remy is heartworm negative and scheduled to be neutered this week.  If you are interested in adopting Remy, please fill out an on-line application.  Remy is waiting to be someone's best friend.





Anne was rescued from the New Orleans flood waters after Hurricane Katrina.  She is a black/rust, spayed female Doberman, approximately 3 years of age.   Anne has an old scar on her back which the vets have determined was likely caused from an electrical burn.   We can't imagine the torment this injury must have caused this sweet girl.  She's extremely affectionate and wags her tail continuously.  Anne has a  soft disposition and gets along well with other dogs.  She would be great for a home with children.  Anne is also crate trained and possibly safe with cats.  



As you can see from the photo, this girl is very shy.  Opal needs to be in a quiet foster home with a family that can show her that life isn't all that bad when you are with people that love you.  Opal   needs an immediate foster home where she can recuperate from heartworm treatment and get lots of hugs and kisses.   




Trueman Coyote  

Puddles is approximately a year old, American Bullterrier?. Anyway, I found him chained to a tree during hurricane Rita, he was emaciated, full of worms, demodex mange smelly, muddy and ankle deep in water (hence the name).
Puddles is a wonderful little guy, very playful and energetic. He's great with dogs of all sizes (he plays with Lizzie and Vanna all day) and quite submissive in play. Puddles is fantastic with kids and more than happy to give kids the 'Puddles Treatment' (the kids lay down and while they are laughing and wriggling around he washes them from ear to ear). He's crate and house trained and more than happy to snuggle up with you on the couch or bed. As you can see by the picture, he's more than happy to climb up and take a nap (if you allow him) and he's not shy with crawling up on your lap and falling asleep with his head on your shoulder. Very sweet boy.

Puddles is being fostered in Mississippi and is looking for his forever home. For more information, contact Nicky at Nicky Adams


I am called Breezy as I 'blew in' with Katrina.  I am an older lady and don't make many demands other than I have a nice bed to sleep on and that I am fed twice a day.  The odd treat in between doesn't go amiss!!! especially if you want to see me do the "Dobe dance" I am very keen to be a real Doberman, but at my age it simply takes too much effort. I have a quiet sometimes shy demeanor and I am not without some ailments.  I'm a little arthritic and I have a lump on my front toe, but my foster mummy says it hasn't changed, it doesn't bother me so we are just going to monitor it. I do have the most beautiful thick coat, which I like to warm in the sun. I am house and crate trained.

I think I would prefer a quite home, maybe with some older children and a nice yard.  I don't mind other dogs, but not ones that get too excited.

Breezy is a black & tan senior female. other than at feeding time the fostor mom has to check her pulse to make sure she's alive. very laid back. Breezy is patiently waiting for her forever home.





Tobasco is an approximately ____ year old red male with cropped ears and a docked tale.  Tabasco was rescued from the aftermath of hurricane Katrina but in the hands of a loving and experienced foster mom, he has bloomed into a wonderful boy.  Tobasco loves snuggling on the couch with you and will be your shadow and loving companion wherever you go.  He has wonderful house manners, is crate trained, housebroken and walks well on a leash.  He loves to ride in the car and is learning basic obedience.  He is a loyal boy who is eager to please and grateful for his new lease on life.  Tobasco would do well in a home with small children, but does not like cats. He lives with a small dog but needs supervision when with the smaller dog.  Tobasco has come a long way in his foster home, and he's ready to take it to the next level in his forever home.






Superman is an approximately 3 year old, male, albino Doberman.  He came to GCDR as a Hurricane Katrina victim.  After many months with GCDR Superman is ready for his own "forever home".  He is well behaved, quiet, and exceptionally loving.  He is crate trained but, still working on full house training.  He has been treated for heartworms, is currently on prevent, and is neutered.  Being in constant full body contact with you is an absolute must in his book.  He has only been exposed to cats and small dogs in passing, but they most likely are NOT in his friendly future. If you're interested in Superman please read about Albino Doberman on our site
and complete an application.  His foster mother would be happy to discuss albino Dobermans and Superman in particular with interested applicants.



Hope is an 18 month old female Doberman in need of a new home.  Hope is a very high drive dog who would thrive in an agility or schutzhund type home.  She is red/tan, spayed, natural ears, docked tail, current on vaccinations and heartworm prevention.  She is crate trained and accustomed to living with cats.  Unfortunately she plays too rough with the other dogs in her home who are much larger than she.  It is in her best interest to find a home where she can be the center of attention (or share it with laid back dogmates or some nice dog friendly cats).  She does need to be supervised in the yard as she will dig if she becomes bored.  She'd rather be at your side in the house than left to entertain herself with Earthworm searches.  Hope is a large girl weighing close to 90 pounds.  Because of her size and the fact that she is completely unaware that she isn't a 10 pound lap-puppy it would be in everyone's best interest to not be placed in a home with small children.

 Hope is being placed by her mother, Leslie, who can be contacted at (318) 795-3844 or via email


Crystal is an 8 month old black/rust female who was rescued after the storm with a broken rear leg.  Unfortunately by the time she was found and taken to the doctor, it was too late to re-set the leg correctly.  GCDR intends to get a second opinion on the leg by a specialist in the near future, however, she is currently pain free and getting around wonderfully.  She does have some stiffness in the leg and has difficulty bending it while sitting or laying but she manages. GCDR intends to have her seen by a specialists however, even if the leg cannot be repaired, we do anticipate that she will lead a completely normal life.   

Crystal is enjoying the attention of her new foster home as well as 3 square meals a day to help her gain wait as she came to us extremely thin.  She is learning crate and house manners.  Crystal has shown some indication that she intends to be the boss of her home so she must be placed in a home with a laid back male dog that thinks being bossed by a cute little lady is grand.

Update:  Crystal's leg has completely healed and she has re-visited the specialist who states that it has healed beautifully and is good as new.  If you are doubtful about the leg, we ask you to challenge her to a race.
Our little Crystal as blossomed in our care.  She is actually now a good sized girl.




Elin's a three year old natural eared female.  Spayed and undergoing treatment for heartworms.  Elin is small, weighing no more than 55 lbs.  Elin likes to play with other large dogs and may be fine with cats or small dogs. She is a new arrival but seems to have a very nice temperament.  Please watch for updates on Elin.








"Gabrielle" - Updated
Gabi is an approximately 5 year old female Doberman who was rescued from a flooded neighborhood after Katrina.  She is very sweet and gentle.  Gabi would love a home of her own which could include other male dogs.  Although her beautiful fawn coat is thin which is typical of a fawn Doberman, it can be made better with proper care, diet and vitamins,  although Gabi would always appreciate a nice soft sweater to wear on chilly day outings.  Gabi enjoys car rides and being with people.  She is on the small side and is crate trained.  If you want a quiet, loving companion, you should consider Gabrielle.




From Gabi’s foster mom:

Gabi is a wonderfully obedient and loving dobergal who would make an excellent living companion even for an older or retired couple.  Rescued after Katrina, she seeks a loving hand and kind words.  While she would find great contentment in being a couch potato, she enjoys wondering around the yard and occasional play.  In her current foster situation, she is house, leash and crate trained and enjoys occasional romps around the yard with a younger neutered male visitor.  Affectionately dubbed "The Great Gabisky"  or "Gabiche", her current foster mom states, "She is better behaved and easier to appease than anything I've ever raised. She's simply a wonderful companion who makes few demands and is so appreciative of the time that is given her.   I'd love to see her spoiled rotten. "