Another heartbreaking letter.

Every week GCDR has to respond to e-mails about dogs in need. Sometimes at local shelters, other times from individuals with a dog they can no longer keep. Sometimes caring people take in a dog because of special circumstances but cannot continue to care for them. This is one of those stories . . .


Thu 7/24/2009


I need your help. I have taken custody of a sweet gentle dog from the owner that abandoned him. This dog is about 8 years old and in need of medical care. He is blind in one eye, has a broken leg and a flesh wound on his hip. I cannot keep him. I live w/ relatives and I have 2 dogs and numerous cats that I have rescued . I can't take care of any more. We don't have the space the time or the money to help this dog. I am presently feeding him and giving him fresh water but I have to keep him tethered to a chain link fence because I live in a trailer park and he cannot roam free. He is so smart he will give his paw when asked to. Please help this special animal, I would love to keep him but I just cannot.

The dog was roaming free in the trailer park. He looked in such bad shape that my husband started feeding him. We did point out to the owner that his dog needed attention ( other neighbors did as well). Long story short , Monday evening we couldn't find the dog to feed him. So, My husband inquired and the owner said he dropped him off at the animal shelter . Well the shelter was closed when he dropped him off. My husband and I drove to the shelter and there he was all alone in front of the shelter. Our plan is to keep him a few days and work on finding an organization to help him. I will have to bring him to the shelter if I don't find help for him soon. We just wanted to give it a good try to save his life but so far it doesn't look good. Our animal shelter has a very low adoption rate and his medical condition promises that he is not a candidate for adoption at this shelter.
Thank You for responding and for helping the animals that you can.


Sunday, July 26, 2009 12:47 AM, Photos arrived confirming that he was in fact a Doberman

Hi Terri;

Here are some pictures of Rock . If they are not good enough I will take some more tomorrow. I took these pictures at night and Rock was sort of tired. I am sorry about the quality . It was a hectic day. Rock got off the tether and we had to look for him . Let me know if you need more pictures. Thank You,



7-26-09   8pm

Terri cannot bear to think of this boy living like this so as crowded as she is, she decides to take him in.

Brittany/Janet - do you guys object if I take him. They have found a ride for him. I had wanted to go down one dog and with him I will not but . . . . I don't think I can sleep at night knowing he is living like he is.


The Alumni Group is notified about Rock.

This old guy is coming in tomorrow from St. Martinville. He is currently tied on a metal line at a trailer park. As horrendous as that sounds he's in better hands now than before. His previous owner also lives in the same trailer park. Neighbors complained to him that Rock was not being cared for and appeared to have a broken leg from being hit by a car. The owner's solution was to dump him at a shelter after hours. The people who have him now found out about it and went to the shelter to find him. Sure enough, he was waiting at the door by himself.

They brought him back and put him on the chain to hold him until they could find a better solution for him. We are the solution and he's arriving tomorrow afternoon. This boy is thought to be eight years old, is blind in one eye - has a probable broken leg that has already started to heal. We are told he is very gentle despite the owner's statement that he lost his eye when he was offered up to train a pit bull.

We will seek immediate vet care for him and will be evaluating his temperament. But we ask that everyone be thinking of a suitable home for this senior boy. We want to get him in a permanent placement as soon as possible. Of course, I'm sure he has heartworms so he will be in treatment for about 8 weeks (staged due to his advanced age). A foster home with female dogs only would also be a wonderful offer to make him. We will make sure his temperament is suitable for the home he will be going to first of course.



Rock arrives and heads to Abadie's to be checked out where a shocking discovery was made.

He's at Abadie's. Brittany met him tonight when she brought Clyde and Omar in. He (at least initially) met Clyde and Omar with waggin nub. He's a big boy, although underweight. Will be the size of Joe (100 lbs.) when back on his feet. He has an old dislocated hip which cannot be put back in place because of the time that has passed. Scott will do the FHO surgery which is to remove the Femur Head. My dad's dog Buddy had this surgery and does very well. I worried that Rock was too old to recover but spoke with Scott tonight and he said he thinks he will do better than I think. He also has bad ears but no mites. Intestinal worms Heartworms of course, Blind in one eye but he thinks its from difficulty producing tears. His good eye is also dry. We will start with an ointment and then he will have drops (for life). He has a severe ulceration where he has to lay on one side due to the pain on the other side AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST - HE IS FULL OF BUCKSHOT!

I'm leaving him tonight. They will start treatment on the eyes and ears and worm him. He's scheduled for surgery on the 11th. Scott wanted him on antibiotics for a week or so before he does the surgery and to get rid of the intestinal worms



For all he's been through he still looks happy.
Maybe because he knows where he is and he'll finally get the care he needs.
How can you resist that face??




The Alumni gets notification of his condition.

First, I think I'm going to log him in as Rocket so as to avoid confusion with our other dear Roc.

He arrived yesterday. A wonderful lady from a cat rescue transported this big boy to us. Amazing enough that a stranger would make an offer to drive him all the way from St. Martinville - but to think what she must have felt like to load up this big beaten up old soul in the back of her car and hit the road with him. She said he was a "complete gentleman". He has seen Dr. Abadie and here are his medical problems:
He has a dislocated hip. Its been out of socket and very painful for a long time. Cannot be put back in place and will require a surgical procedure. He has an ulceration (bed sore) on his good side from laying on it too much. He has heartworms, intestinal worms, yeast infected ears. He is blind in one eye and his other eye does not produce enough tears. He's thin has flaky yeasty skin issues but no mange. And he IS FULL OF BUCKSHOT!

We have begun treating the skin, ears, eyes and intestinal worms. He is scheduled for FHO surgery on the 11th after he has been on antibiotics for a couple of weeks. He will be on some form of antibiotics until he can start his hw treatment. He's a very big boy, although too thin right now. But when he gets to a better weight, he will probably be close to a 100 pounds. We may try and keep him a little thinner due to his hip issues. He met Omar and Clyde at the vet yesterday and just wagged his tail. So initially seems to have a great temperament. Of course, he is also still intact and we would not run him with another male.

He gave me kisses!



7-31-09 Another update.

He is absolutely wonderful. He is so happy to have a soft bed inside. It only took him one trip out and back in to learn where his place is and he is on my foot steps trying to get back inside each trip out now. He is very quiet and smiles all the time.

You can see how he is forced to sit and lay due to his painful broken hip. He's getting eye ointments two times a day and ears cleaned two times a day and he is on a couple of antibiotics. In some ways, this boy does not look eight to me. He has very clean teeth for an eight year old. But where hair was missing around his ears, I can see some white coming in. Its very hard to judge. I hope he is younger because he will better mend after his surgery.

I can tell you that when I picked him up from the vet, Mike went with me so the two of us could lift him in my car. Mike opened the back and I stopped to put down my purse. Before we knew it, he used his good leg and jumped up in my car. In any event, his world is so much better already and I can tell he is happy. I've sent paper work in to get our pay pal button up and running. Hopefully by next week, we will be able to take donations online.

Rocket sends his love.


8-11-09 Rocket goes in for surgery.

Rocket went in for his hip surgery today. Please keep him in your thoughts. He was nervous going in but very cooperative. It was sad to see him so unsure of what was up for him now. He's been enjoying his time here with me and I imagine it may be the first in his life that he's had regular meals, shelter from weather and loving attention. I hated to walk away and leave him. He's started playing with the other dogs and has been nothing but a joy to have around. His eyes and ears look better - although of course he is still blind in that one eye. After we have dealt with the more serious issues, we will get an opinion from an eye surgeon but we may not be able to restore his sight in that one eye. I will update his post surgery condition later tonight or tomorrow.



Thank You Dr Abadie and staff for your continued help & support for all the GCDR Dobies.


Rocket is another one of many Dobes that has put a strain on GCDR's resources this year. Rocket and GCDR face some special challenges in the future because of his condition. GCDR is committed to providing the best care they can for Rocket and all the Dobes who come into the program. GCDR needs your financial support so that they can continue to help Rocket and others like him.

Please give generously to help GCDR save lives, four paws at a time.

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