This is Minnie. She is an approximately 8 years old cropped female with one ear at attention and one ear at ease. Minnie is a quirky old girl who didn't fit just right in several foster homes. Now she is with a lovely lady and another female rescue and is completely happy. GCDR does not wish to move her but her foster mom has health issues which could recur (we are praying not)- so does not want to officially adopt her. Everyone is happy so we're not changing anything and wishing Minnie and her foster mom the best of health and many long lovely days. When Minnie first came to us from a shelter in Alabama we x rayed her knee because she had an old injury. We discovered she had been shot in the right knee and had pellets throughout her body. Minnie unfortunately has a lot of arthritis associated with her knee injury, but she doesn't let it keep her down. We love how Minnie picks her bowel up and carries it around with her. When she was my foster, I would fill her bowel and she would pick it up and carrying it to the other side of the yard. I called it Minnie's Drive Through Feeding.