Our Boys, Joey and Chance
Our family was so excited to hear about fostering two dogs from Gulf Coast Doberman Rescue!  We had gone through so much in the recent loss  and death of our sister, Dinah, from breast cancer, our father, Earl, from old age, as well as our two beloved Dobermans, Duchess and Lexie. 
When the post was made about two seven year old Dobies losing the only family they had ever known due to the dad’s death and the mom having to move in with family, we knew they were the ones for us! 
      They are so beautiful!  They were in good physical shape when they came to us September 15, 2014, but emotionally, they were in shambles.  They had been ripped apart from the only home and people they had ever known; taken by strangers to a strange vets office and more strangers.

They were then taken by still more strangers to their new adoptive parents; everyone strangers to them.  It was all so very traumatic for animals that have only known sameness and routine.  Needless to say, they were very hesitant about coming to their new home.  As it is…..and was meant to be……they were starved for attention and we, as their new family, were overflowing with stopped-up emotions and love to give them.
      We can’t say that the transition for any of us has been perfect.  But as with anything worthwhile in life, you have to give it time and attention and patience and kindness and love.

As it is, we have a family that knows something about those attributes; we have a 28 year old special needs daughter, Krystal.

Krystal loving on Chance
Joey and Chance in their new home!

She has a mild case of cerebral palsy and a type of autism called Asperger’s Syndrome. Joey and Chance have latched-on to Krystal like a magnet! They live for her! They delight in her! They protect her! They only feel totally secure when they are with her!
Of course, they love us, but they have a special attachment to Krystal; especially, the bigger dog, Chance. He lays at her feet and wants to be with her all the time; a total Velcro-dog! He would gladly lay down his life for her….and that’s a fact. They sleep in her bedroom.
It’s a little crowded, but we let them choose where in the house they wanted to sleep…..and it was there. When Krystal sleeps, they sleep; and when Krystal is up, they are up and right there with her. It’s all very sweet.

We are so very happy that Joey and Chance are now a part of our family.  We  love them both very much.

Joey and Chance playing in the yard!